How To Use Vibrators to Spice Up Your Intercourse Life

How To Use Vibrators to Spice Up Sex Life

So, probably you have had your new vibrator, or probably you are new to the scene. After a couple of button pressing or just out of curiosity, you shove it in your vagina, and then you patiently wait for magic to happen. On the contrary, you have to know how to properly use a vibrator in order to experience the desired orgasms. Well, a vibe can be a great addition to your bedroom for your sexual life for you and your partner, and depending on the type of vibrator you opt for there are various ways to go about them. As a matter of fact, let’s dive into the various ways of using different vibrators, of which all are available at

Slow setting for a start

Setting the mood is a great way to start sex. You can start circling up your nipple while alternating with that of your partners using the tip of the vibrator. Depending on the level of desired vibration you could also opt for a little bit of nipple biting and sucking with which the warmth of the lips is a great turn on. One great toy that always gets it right would be the Je Joue Mimi.

Be Vulnerable

For remotely operated devices that support either the Bluetooth of Wi-Fi options, you can decide to wear your vibrator, and then leave it upon your partner to decide the pace at which they will play with the vibrator. They get to control the tempo and the speed as well. This is a great way to go about it if you are looking for that element of surprise from your partner. The We-Vibe Sync should be a perfect toy for your vulnerability.

Going Down

Most people might not understand how this concept works. But if you are going down on your partner with a vibe, don’t let the vibe do all the work. You could place it on your cheeks and as you gently insert the vibrator, its rumbles mixed with your saliva and warmth wetness of your mouth will definitely arouse your partner and will be a perfect addition to your sex life. The We-Vibe Wish takes the center stage for this kind of pleasure.

Going down on you

Well, when your partner is going down on you, let them put the vibrator inside while it is angled towards your belly bottom. This gives a double trouble kind of stimulation while intensifying your orgasm. The Gigi 2 is your perfect accomplice.

Try to be Low key

Trying too hard to impress does will certainly create room for failure, and is actually failure itself. So, instead of trying too hard to get your partner undressed, wet and all that, you could just try and play and tone down. You could start by playing with it while both you and your partner are wearing underwear. You could have your partner rub the vibrator on your vulva and around your clit while you could also rub it against the outline of his shaft on his underwear.  This makes all the right hormones kick in before you unleash the beast in you. One great masterpiece for this would be the Lily 2.

Let it go

While enjoying the various ways you could use a vibrator, letting yourself free and ensuring your partner takes charge of our body is great. One cleaver way would to have your partner lay on their back, then you also lay you their chest in that your back rests comfortably on their chest. Then with their hands, they can control various positions that they can play with the vibe on your body. They can opt to start with your nipples, then alternate with the clitoris, belly button, while also being able to insert in the vagina. The Lovelife Cuddle Mini would be a great addition to your sex-life.

Aim for the Perineum

One of the best places to ‘mess’ around with the vibrator is the perineum (the skin between the anus and the balls or vulva).  The small egged shaped toys work extremely well in this region. This stimulates both male and female partners and so taking turns for this play is a great option to consider. The Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a great consideration.

Ring it

This is the case more so if your partner is male and is not that into the incorporating the sex toys in your sexual life. You could try off by using less complicated toys so that to you could then introduce the more complex toys later. A silicone ring that has a vibrator on it makes it easy to introduce make this experience less awkward for the sex life.  The Durex Pleasure Ring could work perfectly and would not easily intimidate your partner.


Well, it’s time for sex now, vibe all the way to your orgasm! Also this is a great companion article Top Ten Health Benefits of Having Regular Sex Life

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