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How to Bring Sex Toys into Your Relationship (4 Easy Ways)

If you are among the millions of American women and men who enjoy using sex toys for solo play, you may find yourself wondering if sex toys could improve your sex life with your partner. The good news is that research on this topic shows that introducing sex toys into an intimate partnership is beneficial in many ways. Specifically, couples who incorporate toys into their sex life communicate better and more interested in keeping their sex lives spicy. But introducing sex toys into an intimate relationship is not always easy – especially if you have a reserved partner or if you are unsure about how to take the plunge. Below are four simple ways to bring sex toys into your relationship.

1) Make your next date night a joint toy-shopping expedition

“Choosing a toy together is a great way to get your partner invested in the experience. Perhaps you make a date of going to a sex shop together, or uncork a bottle of wine and pursue the interwebs for something together.” – Colby Marie Z, Sex, Love & All the Feels, LLC

If you and your partner are like the overwhelming majority of American adults, then you enjoy having sex. AND you enjoy shopping online. So why not combine elements of these two activities during your next special night together? The first thing you need to do in order to bring sex toys into your relationship is simply to buy them. Coming up with a date night plan to enjoy some wine, your favorite take-out food, and an evening of sex toy shopping will likely be a welcome change from going with your loved one to dinner and the movies!

2) Enlist the support of a trusted friend or family member

Have you overheard your partner’s favorite brother or sister talking about how much sex toys has spiced things up in their relationship? If you have a good relationship with your honey’s sibling or best friend, then you can enlist their support. Here is one example of how you could approach the subject with your partner’s sibling or best friend:

  • “So, I overheard you last week talking about how much (insert name of a sex toy) really gave your sex life a boost. Have you ever heard (insert name of your partner) talking about using sex toys? Do you think he/she would be interested in using sex toys together with me?”

If this strategy unfolds as planned, word will likely get back to your significant other and the wheels will be in motion! And in some cases, the only thing you will have to do is act delighted when your partner suggests that you try using one or more sex toys during your next trip to the bedroom!

3) Treat your partner to a handmade gift certificate for sex toys

Are you struggling to come up with a new and exciting birthday present for your sweetie? If the mere thought of buying yet another round of candy and flowers is putting you to sleep, then consider adding a hand-designed “gift card” to your partner’s birthday gifts. You can use your computer and some colored paper to print the certificate and then present it in a decorative envelope. For this strategy to work, be sure to include the following:

  • The name of a five-star sex toy shop: Be sure to choose an online provider with great reviews and an extensive product selection.
  • Product suggestions: Your partner might be open to trying sex toys, but need a bit of guidance from you. So include a few suggestions!
  • A dollar amount: Even a small amount will work! Leading sex toy shops offer vibrating love rings and mini vibrators that start under $10.

If your partner is keen on his or her privacy, be sure to choose a reputable online sex toy shop that offers fast and discreet delivery to help your partner feel comfortable with the purchasing process. Better yet, offer to place the order for your partner yourself!

4) Keep your partner’s feelings and fears in mind

While it is not necessarily a means to introduce sex toys into your relationship, remembering your partner’s feelings is perhaps the most important suggestion on this list. Your partner’s desires and insecurities play a key role in how enjoyable your first joint experience with a sex toy will be. Before you decide which sex toy to introduce, think about your partner’s feelings and phobias. Here are a few examples:

  • If your partner is sensitive about the size of his penis, choose a modestly sized vibrator instead of the foot-long model
  • If your loved one does not really enjoy anal sex, it is best to select a toy related to vaginal sex
  • If your sweetie loves the smell and taste of vanilla, consider including a vanilla flavored kissable massage cream along with a massager
  • If your partner has been victimized in the past, you may wish to introduce a vibrator instead of handcuffs or chains

variety of sex toys

What is the best path to bring sex toys into your relationship?

If you bring sex toys into your relationship, you can easily improve your sex life and boost communication between you and your partner. The tips above provide a number of ways to subtly introduce sex toys into the bedroom. However, the single best way to ensure that you are successful in using toys to enhance your sexual relationship with your partner is to seek advice from an expert in the sex toy industry.

For years, Texas businessman and sex toy expert Dong King has helped couples across the globe enrich their sex lives with the latest toys on the market. In addition to providing in-depth guidance to couples on the use of sex toys, he can provide guidance on an extensive range of leading-edge sex toys. Whether you are looking for a mini vibrator or an erection enhancer, Don King and the team at AdultShopSexToys are available to help you find the perfect toy and the perfect way to introduce it to your partner. We invite you to contact us to explore some of our most popular sex toys. We look forward to hearing from you!

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