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A Beginners Guide to Using Sex Toys as a Couple

For too long, sex toys have been confined to solo pleasure sessions, banished to the back of underwear drawers like embarrassing secrets. But thankfully, couples are beginning to realize the transformative power of toys, and discovering imaginative (and down right sexy) ways to use them together.  A new generation of sex toys is emerging, full […]

Stay At Home & Bone Giveaway!

It has been a long month for us all and with the stay at home orders stretching into May – potentially much longer – we are all feeling a little antsy. But we want to make things a little more fun between those endless Netflix binges and new hobbies you have taken up. Announcing the […]

Top 10 Must Try Vibrators in 2020 

If there is something else that should be next to your bed, besides a good magazine, your glasses, or a nice candle, then it has to be a trusty vibrator. While masturbating remains essential for your physical and mental health, a vibrator is a nice way for women to make it purely magical. Besides a […]

Top10 Best Dildos

Top 10 Best Dildos to Buy The dildo appears to be almost as old as just the natural penis. One of the earliest dildos that was ever invented was called the Hohle Fels Phallus, and was carved out from stone and used slightly more than 25,000 years ago. And since then, dildos have improved, getting […]

Is a Vibrator Just as Good as a Man?

7 Reasons Why a Vibrator is Just as Good as a Man Answer me this – what’s better? Chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake? Maybe you prefer one to the other. Or maybe you like them both the same, depending on your mood.  Well that’s the same way we should think of sex toys for […]

The 10 Best Places to Have Sex at Work

Well yeah you COULD have sex discreetly in a hotel room or in your house… Or you could be all ghetto-fabulous like all the cool guys on Craigslist and have sex in your car. But let’s be honest. One of the best perks about dating a co-worker is actually getting the rare opportunity to have […]

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