Top10 Best Dildos

Top 10 Best Dildos to Buy

The dildo appears to be almost as old as just the natural penis. One of the earliest dildos that was ever invented was called the Hohle Fels Phallus, and was carved out from stone and used slightly more than 25,000 years ago. And since then, dildos have improved, getting better and better with each passing day. Looking around today, you’ll notice that there are plenty of styles and shapes that you can choose from, so many that when you decide to buy one can be somewhat overwhelming. So what are of the best dildos that are currently in the market? In this guide, we’ve attempted to round up the best 10 dildos that human has managed to come up so far. We hope that you’ll use this list to find yourself a bad-boy that will match your needs perfectly. We understand that the process of finding one that suits you may be a little difficult, a reason as to why we have made it our mandate to assist you to cut through all the noise and clutter and find the best ones for you. Here are the best 10 that are currently retailing in the market:


1.     King-Cock 10-Cock-Tan

Are you in the market for a dildo that’s good to look at and also feels exactly the same as the rock-hard shaft that you have always fantasized about? If the answer is yes, then you are better off with the King-Cock 10-Cock-Tan. Stop dreaming now and immediately get down with this King. Every shaft, every vein, and every head of this king is wonderfully and carefully crafted with some of the most exquisite details designed to leave you with one of the most unforgettable realistic experiences that you’ve ever imagined. This dildo comes with a strong suction cup base that will stick neatly to any flat surface. Better yet, this dildo is made by a state-of-the-art manufacturing firm, not forgetting that it’s latex ad phthalate-free. If you are in the market for a hypoallergenic and body-safe dildo that you can use without having to worry, then you are better off with the King Cock. That’s not all about it. It is also manufactured in the United States, meaning that you can enjoy every feature of this masterpiece with a lot of confidence.

Additional information

There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to this dildo. It weighs 1.89 lbs, a height of 14 cm, and a length of 6.5 cm. Manufactured by Pipedreams products, this King comes with a diameter of 3.5 cm.


  • It looks and feels more like a real cock.
  • It’s made of body-safe material
  • It’s both latex and phthalate-free.


  • This dildo is not ideal for beginners.



2.     Realistic 8” Ultraskyn Cock W-balls-Brown

It can be very hard to get a clear image of dildos such as the one made by DOC Johnson. But when you are in the market for a dildo that’s modeled from a real dong, then look no further than The Realistic 8” Ultraskyn Cock W-balls-Brown dildo. This one features very genuine details –just like a real penis- including distinct veins, bulbous head, and plush balls. This dildo is made of Ultraskyn, one of the most life-like materials in the world.

Additionally, the Ultraskyn is fully body-safe. If there’s a dildo that promises to leave you with an unparalleled and almost realistic feel, look no further than the 8” Ultraskyn Cock W-balls-Brown dildo. This on the fact that it comes with a dual-density construction. If you are particular about your privacy, then this is one of those dildos that’s so easy to carry around. It is lightweight and comes with a storage and travel pouch. This dildo comes with a Vac-U-Lock suction area/plug that can see it being able to be used hands-free. This enables your frisky fingers to go ahead and explore other erogenous areas of your body. All you have to do is to plug onto your horizontal and smooth vertical surface and get to enjoy your ride. As mentioned earlier, this dildo comes with a veined shaft that brings about an intensity life-like feeling.

Additional features/information

The 8” Ultraskyn Cock W-balls-Brown dildo also features some of the most powerful multi-speed vibrations in addition to a suction cup at its base. Still, these are one of those easy-to-clean and maintain dildos. It is also non-phthalate in addition to being battery-powered.


  • The 8” Ultraskyn Cock W-balls-Brown dildo is way much softer and highly lifelike.
  • It’s very easy to slide, not forgetting that it easily warm with a slight touch.
  • It easily regains its shape, just like an actual penis.
  • It’s large smooth head also helps in spicing things up.


  • This dildo is a bit expensive or pricey.
  • Breaks down with a lot of ease


3.     Blush Avant D2 Silicone Dildo Purple Rain

Stylish, modern, and beautiful – meet the Blunt Avant D2 Silicone Purple Rain dildo. This is one of those dildos that were crafted with care while having your pleasure in mind. With the Blunt Avant D2 Silicone Purple Rain dildo, rest assured of enjoying some of the most natural and hand-sculpted forms while knowing that you purchased one of the best artisan toys. Whatever shape, size, texture, or curve you desire, rest assured of finding one that matches your needs perfectly. The Blunt Avant D2 Silicone Purple Rain dildo boasts of some of the most elegant curves coupled with a pleasingly huge head. This one of those dildos that are very easy to clean and non-porous also. You’ll find that these are one of the best dildos that easily warm by running them under warm water or warming with your body. Besides being harness compatible, these dildos come with a deep and very strong suction cup. Developed through feedback from users in addition to some experimenting, this is a near-perfect object designed for maximum pleasure. Unlike other lower-end silicone dildos that you can find in the market, the Blunt Avant D2 Silicone Purple Rain dildo comes with a semi-soft and a satiny smooth feel, an aspect that reduces drag while offering higher levels of comfort at the same time. Its materials are of high grade and 100% phthalates-free.

Additional information

The Blunt Avant D2 Silicone Purple Rain dildo doesn’t weigh as heavy as other dildos that are currently in the market. It weighs at 0.85 oz, and with dimensions of 4.34×3.25×10.74 inches. It also comes packaged in a beautiful box.


  • This dildo guarantees a user some peace of mind since it’s made of safe body materials.
  • It’s phthalate-free and consists of a very smooth texture.
  • It very easy to clean and maintain,
  • It is ideal for deep penetration.


  • Because of its intricate details, this is one of those expensive dildos in the market.


4.     Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh

Adam & Eve is of the biggest dildo sellers across the globe and this time, the company is back with yet another wonderfully crafted dildo, Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh. Get to grab the realistic balls of this dong and pleasure yourself using this massive 10” sex toy. With an arch pump that you make, rest assured of being left with raised veins. If you also wish, you can take a hands-free ride all this time while using this toy’s suction cup base. With this, you’ll notice the reason as to why Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh is one of the most favorite sex toys trusted by millions of users globally for decades. This thick and massive dildo is something that you want to let go of anytime soon. Its well-shaped and rounded head knows how it can juice your G-spot. Consisting of a thick shaft and some of the most substantial balls, the Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh gently warms your entire body as you get to play with it. Consisting of a strong suction base, rest assured of your hands getting freed for extra pleasures. Get to enjoy yourself with the Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh that comes with a full 5-year warranty.

Additional Information

The Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh has got dimensions of 5.50× in. Additionally, it is not as heavy as you may like to imagine since it weighs 1.40 oz. This dildo has got a length of 10 inches insertable.


  • If you are particular about your privacy, then the Adam & Eve Adam’s Cock Dildo – Flesh dildo is the right sex toy for you. It comes sealed in a very discreet box and wrapped in non-see black cellophane.
  • Budget-friendly sex toys.


  • Not Ideal for beginners


5.     Tantus Charmer Purple Haze

The Tantus Charmer Purple Haze is a dildo designed to hit your G-spot almost immediately and over and over again while you are using it. Sadly, a majority of people seem to be in the dark regarding how to go about finding their G-spots. A majority of G-spot toys that are currently in the market for sale are around 6” in length, a reason that makes users into believing that they have to insert their toys all the way in. Sadly, a good number of them end up frustratingly missing the mark. Of importance to note is that the urethral sponge sits 1” to 3” inside the opening of the vagina, a reason as to why the Tantus Charmer Purple Haze’s many ridges promise to be a guarantee hit almost immediately. The Tantus Charmer Purple Haze is made from a unique blend that consists of some durable Ultra-Premium Silicone. The high quality of Tantus Charmer Purple Haze silicone is essential since it makes this dildo non-toxic, hypoallergenic, heavy metal-free, odorless, bleachable, boilable, and highly dishwasher safe. All these factors combined make the Tantus Charmer Purple Haze one of the safest and highly pleasurable toys currently on the market. When used in the right manner, the Tantus Charmer Purple Haze dildos can last for a very long time. Besides everything about this toy, a user will find that this is one of the toys that are designed to be appropriate for use by anybody willing to use it while encouraging them to have the best sex ever.

Additional information

The Tantus Charmer Purple Haze consists of several ridges for maximum pleasure. Additionally, it’s got a flared base aimed at harnessing compatibility, not forgetting that it’s made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone material.


  • This dildo is very easy to clean due to the materials that it is made from
  • Dedicated to the G-spot stimulation


  • Experienced users may argue that this dildo is somewhat small. Nevertheless, it does its job well.


6.     Glas Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

Covered from its tip to base, in some firmly massaging small pleasuring swells, this is one of those handcrafted pieces of absolute luxury that consist of beautifully handmade and clear hand-blown offerings of glass. All of these swellings are designed in a thoughtful manner; each one of them created individually. Conventional in shape and purely designed for some ultimate versatility, this dildo can be effectively and easily enjoyed in several ways ranging from intense clitoral massage to some of the most intense stimulations. The Glas Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo is straight and properly scaled down to a manageable size. Better yet, this sex toy is wonderfully colored in two intermingling colors of rose and violet, an aspect that makes it appealing to the eye. Besides its incredible slick, this dildo isn’t heavy and consists of a smooth texture. This one can be bleached or boiled to sterilize it. The Glas Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo is also very easy to clean, only requiring soap and little water, or a fine toy cleaner. This dildo warms naturally to meet a user’s body heat on almost immediate contact.

Additionally, it can be cooled or heated before or after play, depending on a user. For pleasure seekers who have got sensitive skin, this is one of the ideal dildos for them. The Glas Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo is not irritating at all in addition to the fact that its glass is hypoallergenic. If there’s anything good about this dildo, then it has to be the fact that one can enjoy it using any massage oil, lubricant or otherwise. To ensure that you don’t damage it, make sure that you don’t use it on an abrasive surface that may end up chipping or scratching your toy.

Additional information

The Glas Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo comes with a length of 7” in addition to an insertable length of 6”. Made of glass material, this sex toy is waterproof, phthalate-free, and consists of a textured surface. It’s also hypoallergenic and got a width of 1.1” at its largest point.


  • It is very easy to clean and hypoallergenic. After use, cleaning it requires soap and warm water.
  • It is very compatible with nearly all sorts of lubes in addition to being very appealing to the eye with its two shades of colors.


  • This toy is relatively short compared to other types of toys.


7.     Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate

Is there anything good than a single-sided stick? If you aren’t aware then, a pair them will do, provided that they hit you on your perfect areas. Again, there’s no better way to enjoy this than using the Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate and feel great almost everywhere. Don’t suffer in silence when your friends are enjoying the fun that comes with a double cock. The Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate comes with 2 head sizes all aimed at pleasing you. If you are in the market for one of the most durable dildos out there in the market, then the Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate is the right choice for you. Still, this dildo is very easy to clean in addition to being also easy to maintain. 100% made in the United States, this sex toy is both latex and phthalate-free. Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate sex toys are known for their ultra-realistic and bio-skin formula that’s used to manufacture them. Before finding them on convenience stores, the manufacturer ensures that its products are first inspected for functionality, a move aimed at ensuring that the products represent quality, value, and latest innovation from the manufacturer to the bedroom. This toy makes the perfect combination of experience, creativity, and passion. In other words, this is a toy that guarantees absolute pleasure.

Additional information

Curve Novelties Jock 16 Double Dong Chocolate weighs 1.42 lbs and comes with a height of 20.250 cm. It has a length of 4.250 cm with the manufacturer gong by the name Curve novelties.


  • It guarantees a user some piece if mind since it is both latex and phthalate-free.
  • This dildo promise double fun based on its double-sided stick.
  • It’s also hassle-free to clean and maintain provided it is cleaned and stored well after use.


  • It comes in only two colors of chocolate and vanilla.


8.     Big Boy 12 Dong Black

Are you in the market for an out-of-this-world dildo? If so, then it would be worth trying your hand on the Big Boy 12 Dong Black. If anything, this one-of-a-hell monster is turning out to be the majority of people’s favorite dildo. For some unforgettable sexual pleasure, you are better off trying the look and smile of this one. Being somewhat an extra-girthy piece of dong, this one features an actual penis and consists of beautifully sculptured veins. That’s not all about the Big Boy 12 Dong Black. A closer look at it reveals that it features one of the most comfortable bases to hold. This is everything you need in a dildo and plenty more. Consisting of more inches than you can measure, this one comes with Sil-A-Gel anti-bacterial aspects/properties in addition to being manufactured using phthalate-free material. There are plenty of other wonderful goodies that come with this killer dong, such as a veined texture, 12” cock, and 6.91 inches of circumference around.

Additional features

Black in color, this dildo is made up of Sil-a-gel material. The texture is very smooth and clamshell packing. Manufactured by Doc Johnson, the Big Boy 12 Dong Black has got a diameter of 2.250 cm, a length of 4.500 cm, and weighs 1.98 lbs.


  • This is an awesome that takes a minute or less to get warm.
  • It is also bigger than it looks online in addition to being body-safe.
  • This dong also comes with Sil-A-Gel anti-bacterial properties.
  • This one is a bad boy when it comes to the world of dildos and truly one of those dildos that are worth every penny.


  • A beginner may find it somewhat challenging to use it at first though it gets easier to use with constant repetitions.


9.     Crystal Jellies 8 Classic Dildo Purple

Multi-colored and smooth sex toys are the ideal thing to have among your sex collection artifacts. But if you are in the market for a dong whose appearance resembles a real penis, then look no further than the Crystal Jellies 8 Classic Dildo Purple. If you take a closer look at this one, you’ll realize that it actually feels and looks similar to a real dong. This one, manufactured by Doc Johnson, is a flexible and soft variation of the first toy where it all began. Apart from its flexible shaft, the Crystal Jellies 8 Classic Dildo Purple comes with several appealing color options in addition to a veiny texture and a traditional thickness. Just like a majority of others out there in the market, this toy is also phthalate-free and made from body-safe materials chief among them being an antibacterial Silicone-A-Gel. If you are in the market for a toy that’s perfectly fit for a beginner or the much-experienced user, then you may be good with this toy. Unlike the traditional make, this one is slightly softer and somewhat less abrasive when you slide in and out. If there’s anything good about this toy, then it can adjust to a user’s contours body, allowing them to take it deep.

Additional information

This is one of the most lightweight toys in the market, weighing in at 0.71 lbs. It also got a veined texture in addition to being manufactured using Silagel material. The Crystal Jellies 8 Classic Dildo Purple comes with height, length, and diameter of 13.250, 4.750, and 1.500, respectively.


  • It comes with a satisfying veiny texture ad very easy to clean.
  • It’s also phthalate-free and manufactured using body-safe material.
  • Its shipping is also very discreet and very easy to travel with based on its size.


  • The Crystal Jellies 8 Classic Dildo Purple is not Vac-u-loc compatible, something that the manufacturer needs to improve on immediately.


10.  The D Perfect D 8 W Balls Vanilla

Have you tried The D Perfect D 8 W Balls Vanilla yet? With this one, you can comfortably thrust or ride it. The manufacturer of this toy ensured that its 8-Inch thick shaft offers plenty of plushy lengths, a bid aimed at ensuring that it slips down well, touching the sweet inner locations as its balls get to slap themselves against ass cheeks resulting to a thrilling realistic experience. The D Perfect D 8 W Balls Vanilla is modeled from an actual erect penis and consists of the perfect proportions and texture aimed at leaving the user with complete sexual pleasure. Its 8-inch shaft comes to life with the dildos fat and supple head leading down to a smooth and almost straight-as-an-arrow shaft. This toy comes with a flat surface aimed at ensuring more stability. This is one of those sex toys that can withstand even some of the hardest thrusts. The D Perfect D 8 W Balls Vanilla is very easy to use. All you have to is to ensure that it is well lubricated using a water-lubricant. Additionally, this is one of those toys that you’ll find so easy to maintain and clean.

Additional features

The D Perfect D 8 W Balls Vanilla comes with other additional features worth noting. It’s made from thermoplastic elastomer material in addition to having a girth of 6” at its largest. Its length stands at 7.5” and a width of 2” at its largest point.


  • This dildo is made of thermoplastic and very safe materials.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It can withstand even some of the hardest or fast thrusts without failing a user.


  • This one lacks a suction power at the base.


Buying Guide

As they say, classics never go, even in a minute, out of style, and they are honestly right. Dildos are some of the globe’s first sex toys. Some archeologists have managed to dig into ancient toys, and surprisingly, they’ve discovered that human beings did have some of the most pleasure-seeking methods even more that they learned how to grow their food. Dildos are some of the sex toys on the market. Thrilling, versatile, and unisex, these toys are designed to give you both anal and vaginal pleasure. For over the years, dildos have become a favorite sex toy and a great intimacy companion. So, how do you go about finding the best dildo for you? With this guide, we help you go through the process of finding the right dildo for you, making the process of choosing your new dildo a daunting or laborious exercise anymore.  So, how do you go about finding the right dildo? We can confidently say that 8 key traits are mostly agreed upon by plenty of women on how to find the right dildo for you. We promise that this list will be of great value to you. Now, go right into our list.

1.     Size

A big reason why dildos are a preferred sex toy is that it’s an actual substitute to the real penis. A dildo is one of the best ways to stay sexually satisfied at all times. However, determining the actual dildo size to use is one of the things that you have to consider. If you are a beginner, you may have to stick to smaller-sized dildos as they prove to be an excellent starting point. You’ll be surprised to find some of the biggest dildos in the market. But again, a dildo that you cannot insert is just useless, don’t you think so?

2.     Realistic Penis-Like Features

There are selected turn-on features that just make a dildo look good, especially when it comes to how it’s features are crafted. A majority of users prefer dildos that look and feel like a real penis. More than 79% of women agreed that a dildo should resemble a real penis. A realistic-looking dildo is more likely to keep a woman in search of sexual pleasure than a fake one. Do you want a dildo that resembles a real penis? Some of the realistic features to look out for include the head, the veins, color, balls, flexibility and firmness, to name a few.

3.     Dildo Base

A crucial fact you need to keep in mind when trying to buy a dildo is the base of your dildo. There are a few different base structures for dildos in the market with different purposes in mind. Some of the most important ones are Suction-cup dildo bases and Flared dildo bases. The Suction-cup will help your dildo adhere firmly to a surface that will ensure you can easily ride the cock. This provides your hands with numerous opportunities to discover more of your body. Flared-based dildos are great more so for people with partners. They allow for a strap-on harness and you can easily attach it to your strap and bang your partner as much as their desires command you. However, there are plenty of other options, such as the famous ball-based dildos, but Suction-cup dildo bases dildos remain a favorite for a lot of people.

4.     A Rigid Shaft

There’s nothing more disappointing than purchasing a dildo whose shaft does not resemble the real thing. You are now stuck with something that you don’t want going in you and something that the store won’t take it back. Trust us. There’s nothing worse as for a dildo that goes halfway, not forgetting that you’ll have difficult times pushing it in. A dildo with a rigid shaft is highly relevant when it comes to making a purchasing decision. The idea is getting a bad boy that gives an erect like never before, an erection that sometimes makes you curl your toes. This is a good reason as to why having a dildo will keep the fun going when a real penis goes somewhat inadvertently astray. A penis that comes with a rigid shaft promises to leave you with one of the most unforgettable sexual pleasures. If it is your first time purchasing a dildo, then you must visit actual stores, read reviews or watch some videos that might guide you in selecting the right kind of shaft for a beginner’s dildo.

5.     Built Material

Plenty of sex toys are mainly manufactured with hard plastic, stainless steel, glass, or even silicone. When it comes to purchasing your dildo, it is essential to ensure that you purchase one that consists of the words “Phthalate-Free or Body-Safe” on the product. Of importance to note is that Phthalates have been linked to cancer. Therefore, it is important to read the labels before purchasing your dildo as you’ll be putting these gadgets in your vagina. If anything, safety is essential, and we ensure that we manufacture our sex toys with body-safe materials.

Among many users, silicone is the most desired material, even though you should not shy from experimenting with what kind of material brings your wildest dreams to real life. Some people are afraid of glass dildos because of the damage they might do when they break, but that will never occur due to the nature of smoothness these dildos are made. Actually, glass dildos will surprise you of how easy they make your masturbation since they heat and cool, depending on how you want them to be. Let’s not forget how it is easy to clean them. At the end of the day, it is all about what material makes you go nuts, and Yes! That’s your type of dildo!


6.     The cost

The cost of your dildo can vary depending on the size, materials, and quality. When you are in the market for a dildo, ensure that you purchase a product that will last for a very long time. This is one of the reasons as to why a majority of people go for glass and silicone vibrators. These are more durable as opposed to cyber skin or jelly models. They cost anywhere from around $5-120, depending on what a user is looking at. But again, it is better to spend a good amount of money and get a good thing that will last for years as opposed to getting a cheap sex toy that will have to be replaced constantly.

The Bottom Line

The chances are that for once in your life, you have called or referred somebody as being a dumb dildo, especially when they acted stupidly. But if you knew what you were saying, then you’d probably refer to them as something else. Considering that a dildo is a penis-shaped vagina shocker, that’s designed to bring about pleasure, using this term in a derogatory fashion isn’t as much of a sting as you may think it is. Even though the average dildo doesn’t resemble an actual penis, they are truly ergonomically essential for vaginal insertion coming up in nearly all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Again, you’ll find them in different materials, from metal to plastic and even glass. The above list is a review of what we believe to be the best dildos that you can find in the market. Again, this is not to say that the list of the best dildos is exhaustive. The above is what we believe to be some of the best based on many hours of research, interviews, and opinions from sex experts. There are literally hundreds of dildos manufactured by plenty of companies all over America and across the globe, but the above 10 are some of the best in the market. Those are some of the easiest to clean, budget-friendly, made of latex-free material, and of course, some that guarantee to leave a user with one of the most unforgettable and satisfying pleasures that will leave them begging for more.


Wrap Up

With the above tips on buying a dildo, rest assured of a great time on the product that you end up choosing in our store. Going for the wrong one is a waste of money while shopping for one that is too small or big may not give you the satisfaction that you desire. The above are some of the most helpful tips when shopping for a dildo.