Here Are 14 Matching Tattoos for Couples That’ll Spice Your Love Life

matching tattoos for couples

What are good matching tattoos for couples?

Are you considering getting matching tattoos for couples with the love of your life? Sharing a tattoo with the person you love is a mind-blowing idea, especially for those couples who stick together to see the tattoos age with the relationship.

Sadly not all relationships last that long. That means you need to apply extra brilliance when choosing the tattoo you wish to get as a couple.

The factors to consider when it comes to your choice of tattoo are as many as grains of sand in the ocean. But before looking into what constitutes a priceless matching tattoo for couples…

Why do Couples get Matching Tattoos?

Most couples get matching tattoos as an expression of the deep affection they have for each other. For some, tattoos have a much deeper meaning. For example, a couple may decide to get a tattoo after losing a child.

 Others may get a tattoo to mark the milestones they have achieved together or as a reminder of how far they have come. For example, some couples get tattooed every five years to celebrate their love. Others get tattoos after giving birth to a new member of the family. 

Tattoos are known to boost self-image. A couple who share a tattoo may come off as a pair that has complete trust in their union.

However, some couples also get tattoos out of peer influence, which is the worst reason for getting a tattoo. Why? You may end up regretting and hating the tattoo.

Whatever your reason is for getting a tattoo, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you. As long as it is not a forced decision and your partner is comfortable with the idea, go for it.

Now that you have a good reason to get your matching couples’ tattoo, the next thing to consider is the part of your body you want to tattoo.

The Ideal Region to Have a Good Matching Tattoo for Couples

The region of your body where you want your matching tattoo is influenced by several factors, for example, your personality.

Extroverts usually go for bigger pronounced tattoos. These are the kind of tattoos that seem to be screaming for attention. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to go for less visible tattoos. Some couples prefer to have a hidden tattoo where only the two of them know of its existence.

Some tattoos need to be on regions of the body that connect

Having each of your tattoos halfway done so that they only seem complete when you come into contact. Like when you close your fingers.


Pain is also another factor that influences where you want to have your matching tattoo. The buttocks, shoulders, and outer arms are less painful regions to tattoo because they have fewer nerve endings. On the other hand, the stomach, the back of the knee, the ribs, and the throat are the most painful regions to tattoo.

The size of your tattoo 

The size of your tatt also influences the region where you get tattooed. Smaller tattoos may fit anywhere you prefer to have it as a couple, but more extensive tattoos require large areas of skin. That means you need to pay attention when you choose your matching tattoo.

How to Choose a Perfect Matching Tattoo for Couples

To get a breathtaking matching tattoo, you have to be creative. Remember, tattoos are permanent. So, it would be best if you had something you will be proud to have even in your old age.

Again, there is no guarantee that your relationship will last as much as your tattoo will do. That raises the question… Should couples get matching tattoos? Yes! But… go for tattoos that can be easily altered in case the two of you fall apart. It is wise to keep your eyes open since the future is always unpredictable. Make sure you get something you both love so that you can comfortably keep it even after a breakup.

There are couples’ tattoo idea galleries where you can choose the type of tattoo you want to have with your partner. With a variety to choose from, you can make a good choice that you are both comfortable with. Then you can customize it to fit your preference. Alternatively, visit your tattoo artist for suggestions. Tattoo artists have more experience in the art of tattooing couples, so they can always point you in the right direction.

You can also come up with your own original tattoos for couples’ ideas. Some people get tattoos depending on certain occurrences, like where they met. Others may just pick a random object like the stars and have them as their matching tattoo.

Brilliant Suggestions of Matching Tattoos for Couples

Here are some striking matching tattoos for couples that you can have.

1. Quotes as Tattoos for Couples

Quotes are a great way to go when looking for a perfect tattoo you can share as a couple. You can get meaningful quotes that relate to your relationship from movies that you both enjoy.

Love poems and songs are also rich sources of quotes you can have tattooed to clearly spell out the nature of your relationship.

You can have one part of the quote on you while the other half is tattooed on your partner. That is a great way to tell the world that you are two halves that complete each other perfectly.

2. Initial letters as Tattoos for Couples

Having the initial letters of your names tattooed on each other is also a brilliant way to go. It’s a way of saying you belong to each other. Having your lover’s initials tattooed on you is advantageous because you can have it altered to a name or a phrase whenever you get tired of the tattoo.

Of course, people tattoo themselves with the hope that they will be together forever, but if the two of you separate, you have a perfect solution.

3. The Infinity Symbols as Tattoos for Couples

The infinity symbol signifies an unending cycle or continuity derived from Ouroboros (a snake swallowing its tail). It is a great way to symbolize that your love never ends. It is a unisex type of tattoo, so both you and your partner can have it comfortably.

The infinity symbol as a tattoo is simple and a smart way to solidify your relationship. Have it on your wrist or your ankle. The best thing is, should you two separate, you can still have it without worry.

4. The Yin and Yang Symbol the Popular Tattoos for Couples

The Yin and yang symbol is also a brilliant idea for matching couples’ tattoos. The idea behind Yin and Yang is that opposite units complete each other. Black portrays femininity while the white side portrays masculinity.

You can have one half tattooed on you while your partner gets the other half. The good thing is you can have it completed if you break up. Alternatively, just get the complete symbol tattooed on both of you. 

5. Ring Finger Tattoo as Tattoos for Couples

If you are a trendier couple, you may go for a ring finger tattoo instead of wearing rings. There are great ways you can customize the ring finger tattoo to become unique and personalized. For example, you can have symbols like the king and queen’s crown or your names winding around the ring finger.

The ring finger tattoo is quite hard to alter. It’s advisable to have a temporary one first, but couples that have been together for long can go for a permanent ring finger tattoo.

6. Puzzle Tattoos for Couples

Puzzles are blocks that interlock to build something whole. When you have puzzle tattoos with your partner, it’s a sign that one cannot be complete without the other.

Thinking about a matching couples’ tattoo? Why not go for a puzzle? While it sends out the right message, you can have the puzzle complete if you ever separate with your partner.

7. Minimalist Tattoos as Tattoos for Couples

Minimalist tattoos tend to hold more meaning to couples. Sometimes it’s only the couples themselves who know of the existence of these tattoos.

An excellent example of a minimalist tattoo is having a small arch on your opposite fingers to form a heart when you interlock them.

8. Lock and Key Tattoos for Couples

Think of what your partner shall be thinking every time they look at that lock on your skin. Likewise, how will you feel every time you see that key on them? You’ll always get the feeling that there is a special person who unlocks your soul, and they are right there next to you.

Since the lock and key tattoos are overused, you can always look for ways to customize them. Nevertheless, it is one of the best matching tattoos a couple could have.

9. King and Queen Tattoos for Couples

Most couples prefer to have a king and queen’s crown on identical regions of their body. It’s an adorable way to acknowledge your partner as the king or queen of your life.

Should anything happen to your relationship, you can keep the tattoo without worry. A queen tattoo symbolizes independence and strength so that ladies can rock them freely. As for men, the king’s crown portrays you as an influential person.

10. Finger Tattoos for Couples

Couples’ finger tattoos are a trendy choice you can go for. You can have the tattoo on the inner side of your fingers so that it is not visible unless you move your fingers.

While it creates a strong bond between you and your lover, it attracts less attention from other people around you.

11. Cartoon Tattoos for Couples

You can also pick characters from your favorite cartoon series and have them tattooed as a matching couples’ tattoo. Some cartoon characters share immense love. So, when anybody looks at your tattoo, they get the impression that your love is similar to that portrayed in that particular series.

A good example is having the Mickie and Millie cartoons tattooed on you and your partner. This is also a tattoo that you can comfortably keep after separation.

12. The Sun and Moon Tattoos for Couples

The sun and moon tattoo is perfect for couples who have different personalities. While one shows a bright side, the other is dull, but a day cannot be complete without the two.

Having this tattoo sends a strong message that one cannot do without the other.

13. Matching Phrase Tattoos for Couples

Similar to quotes, phrases are also a great option. If you feel like drawings are boring, why not go for a phrase that makes sense to both of you?

A good example is to have a promise you made to the commitment you have for your relationship.

14. Roman Numbers Tattoos for Couples

Roman numbers are also an ingenious idea for matching couples’ tattoos. You can tattoo your dates of birth or the day you met, or a day that was special to you both. You can also have a number that represents something of importance to you both.

Roman numbers can be beautiful tattoos, and their message is not so apparent to those who glance at them.

All these are perfect examples of tattoos you can have with your partner without fear of what might happen in the future. There are many ideas that you can play around with to come up with a unique tattoo.

As a Precautionary Measure

Avoid getting your partner’s names tattooed on you or their image. Think of other things you have in common. According to most tattoo artists, most people who get their partner’s names or images tattooed on them always go back for a cover-up.

Supposing you get to a point where you no longer like your tattoo, you can have it removed surgically or by laser removal.

It’s advisable to give your relationship at least two years before getting a matching couples’ tattoo. By then, you are sure it’s not an impulsive decision influenced by the excitement of a newly found love.


Couples choose to have a matching couples tattoo for different reasons. If you feel confident in your relationship, a matching couple’s tattoo is a great way to express your love for each other.

Before getting a matching couples’ tattoo, take time to reflect on its effect on you in the future. Always go for something you will be comfortable with or that which you can alter to an entirely different meaning should the relationship come to an end

Consider the size of a tattoo you want and whether you want it more visible or hidden depending on your personality and preference.

Go for tattoos that are unisex so that you and your partner are comfortable with them. Remember, it is okay to have a secret tattoo where only you and your partner are aware of its existence.

Give your relationship time to solidify before getting a matching tattoo so that you can be sure you have made the right decision.

Avoid getting your partner’s names or images tattooed on you. There are more creative ways to express your love for them.

Tattoos can be removed should you ever get bored with your tattoo.

Matching tattoos for couples are a lovely thing to have as a mark of your love. If you ever want to get one with the person you love, go for it.


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