Long Distance Touch Bracelets: The Best Options In 2021

Long Distance Touch Bracelet

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, chances of getting physical contact with your partner are very minimal. But then, the physical connection is vital in any relationship as they make you feel special, better, and sweet. Remember, touch is essential for your emotional and physical wellness. For this reason, you need to find a way to keep physical contact regardless of the location and one way is to purchase long distance bracelets.

You can achieve this through the touch bracelets that will help bridge the physical gap between you two. Do you know what touch bracelets are? Why are they the best options in 2021? And what are some of the touch bracelets you can gift your partner in a long-distance relationship? Read on and understand more about this. 

What Is a Touch Bracelet and How Does It Work?

These are bracelets made of high technology where you can touch your partner virtually. To work well, you need to connect them with a mobile app through Bluetooth. So, when you touch the bracelet, the app will make the bracelet vibrate and show some light. 

But some brands can squeeze you when your partner touches them. You need to have your phone with you and the application running in the background for the bracelet to work well despite the distance.

Why Are They the Best Option?

As you know, a long-distance relationship comes with challenges, one of them being maintaining physical touch or connection. Without physical contact, a partner can either cheat or lack interest in the other one. But with the touch bracelets, you’re able to touch your loved ones virtually. 

You’ll also get to assure them of your love while also reminding them how much you still care and think about them. So, achieving physical touch despite the distance makes these bracelets the best option, especially in 2021, a digital era.

Which Are the Best Long Distance Touch Bracelets Options For 2021?

For your partner to feel special and appreciated, you should gift them the best touch bracelet that you can afford. 

You can buy him/ her a hey distance bracelet or the bond touch distance bracelet, which is currently the most popular brand worldwide. You can also buy your partner a talsam touch bracelet and enjoy your long-distance relationship. Here’s more about both brands you can get your partner. 

The bond touch bracelets 

Bond bracelets are one of the most popular brands that you can buy for your loved one. Their launching was done in recent years, but with constant improvements. Bond bracelets have a long-lasting battery; they’re waterproof and have a sleek design. It can charge faster, allowing you to stay connected with your partner most of the time, and comes with various mobile app features.

Apart from these regular improvements by the manufacturer, the bracelets have become popular amongst celebrities, some adorning them even without endorsements. The good thing about these devices is that they have eight different colors, so you get to choose your favorite one. Also, they are affordable, so you can buy them in various colors to match your outfits. 

How they work

If you tap this bracelet, it will vibrate and light up, reminding your partner that you’re thinking about them. You can choose the color of the light that this bracelet shows on the bond touch app. 

You can also touch it around ten times to send various messages to your partner. For instance, if you touch it three times, that’s a sign for, “I love you,” while four touches are for “I miss you.” 

How you can set up the bond bracelet

If you want this bracelet to work well, you’ve got to follow a setup procedure for them to connect. It’s an easy-to-follow procedure that anyone can do. First, you should set your profile by choosing the color you’d want on both bracelets when they light up. 

After that, the app will search for the bracelet’s Bluetooth signal and connect it to your phone. Then it would help if you paired the bracelets by adding both of your area codes and phone number. After that, you can start using it to touch your partner virtually. 

Features of bond bracelet app

Here are the app features that enable you to connect your bracelet to your phone and then send the signals to your partner. 

  • It allows you to see your partner’s location, weather, and time. That will help you keep updated on various things happening around your partner. 
  • It can track and save past touches, enabling you to replay them when necessary, making these bracelets convenient.
  • It allows you to set a reminder of when you’ll be together through the subsequent encounter. But, of course, this will make both of you long for the date and fantasize about it.
  • You can also share chats and pictures privately with your partner through encrypted chat, like a private space. 

The bond bracelet style and color options

All the bracelets by bond have a black leather band, but you can replace them with a color of your choice. For example, you can buy twilight blue, ghost white, pacific green, emerald green, pink sand, ruby red, and gray stone. You can also change the band with your best style or design if you have a personal preference.  


These bracelets are either stainless steel, plastic, or TPU. Its dimensions are 1.45 by 0.78 by 0.59 inches, while its band length is 9.5 inches. Its battery can last up to four days without recharging, and it’s waterproof, making it durable. In addition, these bracelets have genuine leather bands that are adjustable so they can fit anyone. 

Even with these features, you can’t touch your partner virtually when you turn on the power mode. You cannot also send the touches if your phones do not disturb active. You’ll get two bracelets, 2punch tools, two leather bands, two chargers, and eight bracelet closure studs if you buy the bond bracelets. 

That means you don’t buy them separately and also you get to get similar products. But remember, they can only work in pairs, so you can’t connect more than two bracelets. 

The Long-Distance Touch Bracelets by Hey

Another bracelet brand you can opt for is the ones from Hey. These smart hey bracelets vibrate and have a motor and a unique technology called haptic feedback. That enables them to produce gentle squeezes on your partner’s wrist, making them feel like you’re touching them with your thumb or forefinger. 

You can buy a black or white bracelet with the latest H design that makes both of you look trendy and cool. The disadvantage of these bracelets by Hey is that they’re not waterproof, although they can withstand any weather. Note that the manufacturers of these bracelets (house of haptics) are in the process of launching new products such as necklaces.

Understanding How the Bracelets by Hey Work

These devices have sensors that sense touch then send them to your phone through Bluetooth via the app. If the bracelet gets a notification, a small motor will pull the band, then produce a smooth squeeze on your partner’s arm. 

How You Can Set Up Hey Bracelet

You need first all to download the hey bracelet app then creates your profile. After that, the app will find the Bluetooth signal of the bracelet. The good thing about this app is that it is simple to use as it only sends an email invitation to the other bracelet. So, with the app, you’ll be able to pair both bracelets and make your partner feel you regardless of the distance. 

These bracelets can’t allow you to chat or send pictures to your partner like the other type. But they will help you maintain the records of the touches sent and received and the sender’s location. However, you can send touches from the app whenever your bracelet’s battery is low. That allows you to continue with your physical contact even without using the bracelet. 

Hey’s Bracelets Color and Style Options

The touch bracelets by hey are the most beautiful and stylish you could ever wish for. Although it resembles a watch, it works better than it, and it’s ideal for both genders. Since these bracelets are only in two colors that match almost any outfit, you don’t need to worry about color clashing. You can go for the white and golden rose bracelet or the one that’s black with anthracite. 

The bracelets are either ABS plastic or silicone, which makes them durable. Its dimensions are 2.17 by 0.79 by 0.55, making it fit in your wrist perfectly. It has a band length of 9.25 inches, and its battery can last up to 3 days without a recharge. But since it’s not waterproof, you need to be careful with it to avoid damaging it. 

Talsams Smart Touch Long Distance Bracelets

The bracelets by talsam incorporate the latest innovation, making them high-end intelligent bracelets. It’s made of a semi-precious stone faceplate with six Swarovski crystals in the Lyra constellation design. The constellation star in these bracelets acts as a guidepost that keeps both of you connected. 

Although these bracelets don’t look appropriate for a formal event, they’re best if you match them with daily wear. Also, since its chain is the size of the necklace, it’s ideal for various parts of the body, depending on your size. 

How they work

These intelligent bracelets work differently from the others as they send messages using the talsam app. After it connects with the bracelet, it vibrates while the Swarovski crystals shine. If you want to open the messages, use the charm button. The messages show your partner’s location and the private messages on it. 

How you can set up the Talsam bracelet

You need to download the talsam app on your phone, switch on the charm, and pair the app using the instructions. After doing that, your partners will get an activation code in a QR code or email. Your profile will then set automatically, and it will also pair with the charm. Any of you who use the code can then send a surprise message to the partner. 

The bracelets feature

These bracelets have unique features that enable them to send your partner more than touches. With it, you can send your partner animated emojis in the shape of stars. You can also tag or sort messages depending on how important they’re to you using the moment stream. After downloading the app, the person who bought the charm can send a welcoming video to their partner. 

You can also send private messages that only unlock with the charm. But if your phone can scan fingerprints or retina, you can open the messages through those techniques. The optional SOS alert system allows you to notify your location to either a local authority in the USA or personal contact.

Style and color

Talsam bracelets come in six different stones with stainless steel and precious metal coating, giving you various choices. You can buy either the amazonite with 18 karats of yellow gold or the black sardonyx with silver. 

You can also buy the blue goldstone with rose gold, gray agate with silver, white howlite with rose gold, or lapis lazuli with 18 karats yellow gold. 

Specifications of talsam

These bracelets are of stainless steel, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones. They have a dimension of 2 by 0.75 by 0.4 inches. It has a band length of 8 inches, making them a perfect size for your wrist. 

It has a long-lasting battery life that can go seven days before a recharge, but you need to be careful with it as it’s not waterproof. However, this bracelet doesn’t send touches to one another like the other types. 

Is There a Way to Keep the Fire Burning After Getting the Touches from These Bracelets?

Yes, you can keep the fire between you alive using various ways apart from the touch bracelets. First, you have to ensure you communicate regularly and remind your partner how much you care for them. You also need to spice the love by sending surprise gifts and letters which will remind them of you. 

One of the gifts to send your partner is the sex toys for couples. With these toys, you’ll be able to get more than the physical touch the bracelets give. You’ll also benefit health-wise as the toys such as vibrators help you achieve orgasm and reduce your stress levels and weight. 

Note that you’ve got to get something your partner will be comfortable with and love when you’re shopping for these gifts. Also, while introducing sex toys in your sex life, you need to bring your partner into the mood. You can do this through sexting, watching arousing videos together, or sending them an attractive picture of you. But don’t forget video calling your partner while using the sex toy to keep the fire burning between you. 

FAQS for Long Distance Bracelets

Do I need to connect my bracelet to Wi-Fi for it to send touches?

No. You only require a smartphone that connects with an app. The phone can use either 4g connections or Wi-Fi to send or receive touches and not the bracelet.

Can bracelets work when you’re far apart from your partner?

These touch bracelets are for a long-distance relationship and can send touches regardless of the distance. However, you need to ensure they’re set up well with the app and your phone can access either mobile data or Wi-Fi. 

Do I have to keep my phone and bracelet next to each other for them to work?

You should ensure your phone and bracelet are not more than one meter away from each other. If you exceed the one-meter range, your phone won’t be able to send or receive touches to your bracelet. But you’ll receive missed touches on the app’s register.


Technology is trying to bridge the gap between couples reducing the challenges they face. If you want your partner to feel loved in a long-distance relationship, buy them either talsam, bond, or hey touch bracelets. With either of these bracelets, your partner will know that you care and think about them any time they receive the touches. Some of these bracelets also allow you to send private messages keeping the love alive. 

So, if you want to keep physical contact between you two, choose the fitting bracelet according to its features and price. But don’t forget the proper setup is necessary for the bracelets to work well, so work on that.


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