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Best Sex Toys for Women

Are you looking to up your masturbation game, but you’re not sure where to start? Scrolling through all the different types of toys can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we put together a small guide to help you find what works best! We’ve listed the best sex toys for women. We’ll go through each toy in-depth so you can feel confident about choosing a toy that works for you. Whether you’re new to sex toys or have experience with some but you’re on the hunt for a new piece, we’ll have something in this list for you! With all this variety, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.

Best Sex Toys for Women

With our guide, you won’t have to know everything about every type of toy. We’ll be with you every step of the way. This guide is great if you know what works for you, but also if you’re looking to experiment. Whether it’s for masturbation or for use with a partner, we have toys for all types of play! We’ll go through more common types of toys like vibrators and dildos, but we’ll also cover toys you might not have heard of.

Different Types of Sex Toys

If you’re looking for something penetration oriented, check out our sections on dildos and dongers. If you’re into penetration but not the penis look, there’s plenty of dildos that take on a more abstract shape. You may also be interested in glass toys, especially if you like the feeling of fullness from penetration. Don’t worry if penetrative sex isn’t your thing, you might be a great candidate for an external vibrator. There are all types of external vibrators like wands, bullet vibrators, or panty vibrators. If you like clit stimulation, then a clit tickler might be what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you prefer the feeling of a tongue or sucking over vibrations, then a tongue vibrator is just the thing for you! If you’re into penetration but you’re looking for something a little more intense, then maybe check out a rabbit toy. It’s quite common for women to enjoy penetration but not reach orgasm without clit stimulation. These combo vibrators are a great choice for many women who need more than just penetration. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the best sex toy for you!


Dildos are one of the more traditional sex toys you’ve probably heard of. A dildo is anything phallic like that is meant to simulate penetration. Unlike dongs, dildos have a base, so if you’re interested in anal play, these toys are good to use! Other than that, many dildos have a suction cup base which can be great to use during solo sex. It’s especially useful if you’re interested in taking it into the shower with you because you can attach it to the shower wall!


There are some that look like realistic penises, and these come in all shapes and sizes. Some are super veiny to provide more texture and add to the pleasure. You can also get ones that are curved that can provide more stimulation to the G spot. If that’s what you like, there’s also a ton of variety in the realism department. Some are uncircumcised with a moveable foreskin. There’s also circumcised dildos if you prefer that style.

However, there’s no need to stick with realism! There are double-headed dildos that can penetrate the vagina and anus at the same time, or you can use the extra length as easy to grab handle. That feature can be useful if you’re using in the bedroom with a partner because it provides better control. Dildos can come in a ton of different shapes as well! Some are just vaguely phallic and instead come in many different colors and with different shapes to add texture. These dildos can also have less friction once wet with lube. There are some that look like tentacles, icicles, or can have little ridges and nubs on them for added texture.


Dongs are similar to dildos. They’re phallic-shaped and good for masturbation or with a partner. However, unlike dildos, dongs don’t have a base, which means they aren’t safe for anal play. If you’re interested in anal play, it’s better to stick to something with a good base that won’t get lost. Other than that, dongs are great to use orally or vaginally! Like dildos, dongs don’t vibrate, but they do come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes! You can get ones that are realistic if that’s what you’re looking for. They can come in all colors as well!


If you’re new to vaginal penetration with sex toys, you can try for a smaller sized dong to get started and get comfortable with them. If you’ve tried these before, you might want to try something larger for a new sensation. You can get ones uncircumcised with a moveable foreskin if that’s something you enjoy, or you can get one that’s uncircumcised. If you want texture but still want a realistic penis, you could look for one that has more veins to add some more texture to the penetration.

There are also tons of dongs that aren’t realistic. If you still want the shape of a penis, you can get one with the shape but with fewer details so it’s a little more abstract. Or, if you aren’t into the penis shape at all, there are also dongs that don’t resemble a penis. You can get one that is smooth or ones with little nubs or waves on them to add more pleasure to your session. You can try an extra-long one that is easier to grab and get a good angle with. A long handle may also make it easier for a partner to handle while in the bedroom!


Vibrators are a girl’s best friend. You’ve probably heard about them before. If you’ve never tried a sex toy before, this may be a great place to start! There are many different kinds. We’ll walk you through the different types so you can be sure to find the right vibrator for you.

The first we’ll cover is external vibrators, meant to be used outside the body. There are larger ones like wand vibrators. These are shaped a little like microphones, with a bulbous head on top. These will give you intense vibrations that can be used anywhere on the body like your butt, back, inner thighs, or clit. There are also smaller external vibrators, like bullet vibrators. These have very focused vibrations so you can keep them where you feel the most pleasure. Panty vibrators are similar. They provide low-intensity vibrations, and they’ll clip right into your panties so you can have hands free pleasure!

If you like the vibration sensation but want something a little more, internal vibrators are a great choice! Luckily, there’s also a huge variety of internal vibrators. If you like the feeling of being full, an egg vibrator may be a great choice! If you’re new to internal vibrators, then an egg vibrator with a handle may be a great option for you. The handle gives you a little more control, so you can start out where you’re comfortable. This may also be a great option if you’re looking to bring in vibrators to use with a partner since the handle makes it easy to grab and control.

If you like shallower penetration, you can try a G spot vibrator. These vibrators are curved so they can reach and vibrate against the G spot. If you prefer deeper penetration, then A spot vibrators may be a great option. These are a little bit longer, so they’ll give you that deep penetration feeling. They’re a little larger than bullet vibrators and a great option if you’re looking for that internal stimulation.

Check this page for the best small vibrator.

Clit Ticklers

Clit ticklers are clitoral vibrators. They are great for people who like direct clit stimulation. Clit ticklers are smaller and less phallic-shaped which makes them an excellent discrete option! These vibrators are often lightweight and easy to handle. They are also easy to control. This makes them a great option if you’re new to vibrators and are looking for something simple to start out with. It’s also super useful when using with a partner. Since they’re small and easy to handle, they’re less likely to get in the way when using with a partner in bed. Many are also rechargeable and easy to clean so they can last a long time!

Like other external vibrators, these are excellent for all types of fun. If you prefer to build up your arousal before orgasming, clit ticklers can be great for foreplay. You can use these vibrators on other parts of your body to build up the sensations and heat before using it on your clit. There’s also a lot of variety with clit vibrators, like ones with little ears, or ones that can wrap around the labia for more stimulation. If you’re into the vibration sensation but not into the phallic shape, clit ticklers are a great option. There are clit ticklers that have a smaller end that can provide more focused vibrations. These are great if you’re looking for more direct or intense sensations!

There are some that are simpler and more similar to bullet vibrators. These can be a good choice if you’re looking for a vibrator that’s more portable. Since they don’t look like traditional wand vibrators, they’re very discrete! This makes them easy to pack in a suitcase or even to bring with you in a bag. Since they’re small, they can also be quieter than more traditional vibrators. This makes them an excellent option if you have roommates and need more discretion.

Rabbit Toys

Now that we’ve covered internal and external vibrators, we can look at combo vibrators. The possibilities are endless with a good rabbit toy. These toys are great if you have a vagina because they can give you both penetration and clitoral stimulation. It’s common for women to enjoy the feeling of penetration but not be able to get off with penetration alone. Many women need both penetration and clit stimulation to get off. This makes rabbit toys the go-to vibrator for many women!

Rabbit vibrators have two vibrating arms. There is a curled arm for G spot stimulation and an external nub for clit stimulation. If you enjoy dual stimulation, this is a great toy for you! It can offer a little more of an intense feeling because of the dual stimulation. For some women, it can help them get off faster because of the intensity. This toy is also good if you enjoy the feeling of fullness with penetration. If you like fullness but want a little more sensation, a rabbit you may be good for you because it also gives external stimulation. Especially if you also enjoy sensations against the clit.

Don’t be too wrapped up in the two features though. Toys are the most fun when you can take the time to experiment and see what feels good! Like other vibrators, you can try rabbit toys on other parts of your body as well, like the nipples or inner thighs, to add additional stimulation and pleasure to a good play session. If the feeling is too intense at first, you can always work up to using the internal function or both vibration settings. You can use it on the inner parts of your thighs and work your way towards using the vibrations internally.

Tongue Vibrator

Tongue vibrators are another great type of vibrators that are on this list! If you enjoy the feeling of oral sex, then you should try out a clit suction toy. These amazing toys allow you to explore different sensations in the bedroom, especially if you enjoy the feeling of a tongue or of oral sex. If you like the feeling of oral sex but perhaps your partner is uninterested, or you don’t want a partner at all, a clit suction vibrator is a great option! These toys use air pressure to create the suction sensation which you then put over your clit. For some women, they find that with a clit suction toy, they can orgasm in only a few minutes!

If you find the vibration feeling too intense or are simply looking for a different type of sensation, then you may enjoy using a tongue vibrator. Some women don’t enjoy clit vibrators because the vibration feeling is too intense, or they have a sensitive clit. If you don’t enjoy the vibration sensation because of the intensity or because your clit is sensitive, this may be a really good option. You can try a clit suction toy over your panties first, and then move to use it on your clit with a little bit of lube. The lube helps add a little bit of a sensation barrier so you don’t get overstimulated and can enjoy the sensations to their fullest!

Like other external vibrators, you can also use it elsewhere to build up sensations. If you’re looking to use it for some foreplay build up, you can try using it on the nipples. This is especially great if you enjoy masturbation, but you need a little more sensation build-up to get fully aroused. Using this on the nipples can help build your arousal until you’re ready to use it on your clit. They can also be small and discrete. This can be great if you are traveling and want to bring your toy with you. They’re small enough that they easily fit into a suitcase or bag when traveling. It’s also useful if you have roommates and don’t want the sound of vibrations to be heard through the walls. A clit suction toy can be more discrete than a more traditional vibrator.

Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys may seem intimidating, especially if you’re new to sex toys, but there’s no need to worry. These sex toys can be a great option for penetration and many people swear by them! They are an especially great option if you’ve felt discomfort or pain with penetration. They don’t vibrate and since they’re not porous, they’re almost frictionless when wet. If you’re interested in penetrative toys or sex, you can use glass sex toys as a bridge to slower and more gradual dilation.

There are ones that are smooth as well as ones that come in more penis like shapes, or ones that are a little more textured. If you’re not into the penis look, glass sex toys also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Some come in a traditional dildo shape such as this pyrex dildo. Many can be curved and long to offer G spot or A spot stimulation. This is especially great if you enjoy deep penetration or the feeling of fullness from penetration.

These toys are also excellent for foreplay, whether by yourself or with a partner. You can easily heat these toys up or cool them down by running them in the tap. This makes for excellent play as you can rub them all over the body this way for interesting sensations to build up arousal. You can also use them this way to make vaginal penetration sensation more interesting.

Another great thing about glass sex toys is that they’re non-porous! This makes them almost frictionless when used with lube. It also makes them extremely easy to clean! Because they’re non-porous, the glass won’t get tacky when used for a long time with lube. This means when cleaned properly and cared for, these toys can last an extremely long time!