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According to Sex Therapists, These 10 Sex Toys Will Drastically Improve Your Mood and Your Health!

Okay, whether your sex life is fabulous or just ordinary, you have to admit that there are times when you simply aren’t in a mood for making love with your partner. There are days when the best sex is the one you have with yourself, right?

I, for one, know to have those days from time to time. But, I also have to admit that my own two hands are not good enough on some days… So, when I am in “me time” mood, I usually reach for my “treasure” drawer and pick from my personal sex toy collection.

There’s nothing bad about using sex toys, and long gone are the times when this topic was taboo. We live in a modern era and it’s quite normal to have an open conversation with your friends about the toys you use. In fact, this is how you can hear about some new toys that you might like.

So, let’s talk! Here are the toys that, according to sex therapists, are absolute winners when it comes to improving your mood and keeping your health solid, both physical and mental.

Barbell by Betty Dodson

This is not just a sex toy, it is actually your workout assistant as well! Betty Dodson’s Barbell is a gizmo that helps you exercise your pelvic floor area. It’s a dildo and an exercise instructor in one!

You should place it vaginally when you are having your “me time”, and due to its weight, your pelvic floor muscle exercises as well. So, basically, you are exercising while masturbating. Doesn’t get any better than that, tight, I mean, right?

Believe me, both you and your partner will be happy after a month of use and your orgasms will become much stronger (and so will his!).

Nova By We-Vibe

What more can you ask for your happy hour than a countered clitoral and G-Spot focused vibrator? The Nova by We-Vibe comes as a better designed traditional Rabbit vibrator, but with a twist (literally!). It is flexible and moves as your body moves.

A ticket for the mind-blowing ride, that’s what this vibrator actually is!

Minna Life Limon

This little psychedelic colored lemon is a lovely sex toy that can be used anytime you want, especially if you get inspired during the shower (it’s waterproof). The more you squeeze it, the stronger it vibrates!

And, you can also leave it anywhere you want without worrying that people will recognize what it really is (Until they squeeze it, that is!)

Jimmyjane Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle

Not a toy per say, but definitely useful for sex. The Afterglow comes in a form of a candle, nicely packed in a teapot-looking ceramic “mug”. Why the teapot shape you ask?

Well, this scented candle is actually made of skin-healthy oils (Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Jojoba, and vitamin E) and once you light it, it melts and turns into hot oil (don’t worry, it won’t burn your skin).

It’s great for a massage, but even better for a happy ending massage, whether you are the one massaging or getting a massage.

Play Zone Kit

This useful sex toy makes the job of picking the right size cock ring much easier. It actually comes with multiple ring sizes, and all the silicon rings are stacked on a cone platform so that you don’t lose them.

Thank you Play Zone for this intuitive sex toy, I am sure the men reading this post will appreciate your hard work for the benefit of their “hard work”.

LELO Smart Wand

Do you want to be the “Harry Potter” of sex? You will need your magic wand! And boy, does this wand bring magic in the bedroom! Ideal for some geeky roleplay, that’s for sure!

The nicely sized LELO Smart Wand comes with a curved handle for a better reach and a perfect angle during your special time. And, it has vibration intensity so powerful that multiple orgasms are guaranteed.

Also, the harder you squeeze the handle, the more powerful the vibrations become. Trust me, this vibrator is bound to deliver strong orgasms that will make your knees weak.

Fleshlight Turbo

Okay, we all know what this sex toy is all about… But, the main goal behind this handy helper (notice the pun?) is to help men that have a hard time ejaculating without using their own hands.

You would be surprised how many men actually can’t finish “the job” without taking the matter into their own hands (literally). And, this sex toy is a great way to make them get used to letting someone else finish the job for them.

LELO Hugo Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager

It’s amazing how modern men have become more open (I’m on pun fire today!) to experimenting with anal and prostate stimulation. They have finally realized that with prostate stimulation, the orgasms are much stronger and last longer.

The LELO Hugo Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager is the sex toy that will bring your special happy hour to a whole new level. It is equipped with one powerful motor for the prostate, and another one for the perineum.

Bumper Thrust Buffer

This is a perfect sex toy for men that are hung too much and have problems with freely thrusting during the sex. The Bumper Thrust Buffer from Perfect Fit is a gizmo that you place in the base of your penis and prevents it from going in all the way. No longer will you have to worry about your partner having a painful experience!

LELO Ina Wave

Another vibrator that comes with the famous Rabbit design. The LELO Ina Wave is a powerful and effective vibrator that simultaneously stimulates both the inner and the outer clit. And, it is the most popular one lately so you should definitely check what all the buzz is about.

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