Top 5 Sex Toys for Every Man

Top 5 Sex Toys for Every Man


These are one of the most basic toys and a “must have’ for every man than enjoys the solo game play. They are custom created with a vagina in mind, so from their size, built-in material, texture and feel is made to bring a vagina into your hands.  

Penis Rings

These are a perfect companion for your penis, which still helps increase its girth and size while still boosting your stamina. When incorporated to your sex-life, it is of great pleasure to both you and your partner.

Penis Pumps

These are one great invention that any man out there ought to try out. They are designed in such a way that it creates a vacuum that sucks up the penis on the tube which increases the size and the mass of the penis.

Prostate toys

These are the ‘naughty boys’ which bring to play the ultimate prostate arousal when brought to the game. They are well designed massage the prostate giving you the spot-on and long lasting kind of orgasm.

Penis sleeves and Extensions

These are great toys when it comes to boosting your length and girth, but also very crucial in increasing your performance more so if your partner is feminine. Try it out!

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