The Best 7 Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

The cheapest sex tourism destinations

Sex tourism (sex tourism destinations) is an emerging industry worth billions and lots of benefits—talk of millions of sex workers eager to make an income. As for you, the unique experience of a sexually indulgent holiday comes maybe once or twice in a lifetime. In that case, you wouldn’t want to squander it.

But your destination matters, and so, due research can unravel the legality, safety, and affordability of any flings on the side. So, for example, while some countries are yet to come around to legalizing sex work, you might discover that it goes on regardless. Still, it would help if you exercised personal safety and security while at it.

On the other hand, some destinations are perfectly liberal and have taken steps to legalize prostitution. However, it implies various laws and regulations guide the trade. So, it would be prudent to know what code may work for you and which might not. Suppose you plan to gear up, bringing a set of adult sex toys along to spice up the holiday. Then must know where your host location’s law stands concerning the devices.

Mini Guideline for Sexual Tourism 

Like typical tourism, sex tourism requires you to research concerning your destination.

Say, from the airport to your host country, know which sex toys you can bring. As a rule of the thumb, those motor vibrators are a travel no-no to avoid trouble with an airport security system. Next, it is never okay to arrive so blindly, not knowing a location’s sex work regulations.

It would also be sensible to have a hint of where to find sex workers once you land.

A quick clue on ideal locations includes red-light districts within a city or town. Also, try out into those erotic massage parlors, brothels, and adult entertainment venues. Of course, you will also find girls in bars and along certain streets. All you have to do is ask for directions. Again online sex providers abound, so you can respond to the adverts and negotiate the terms.

In the meantime, research how legal and safe a location is, then you can decide. Armed with this guideline, here is a list of some of the most affordable sex tourism destinations around the globe.

1. Thailand, Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

Thailand is mainly known as a sex worker’s paradise as most of the rampant prostitution happens there. And while the country receives millions of tourists, a considerable percentage partake of cheap sex.

The law guiding sex tourism is not entirely specific. While in theory, it is illegal, practically, sex work seems unrestrained and mostly under police control. Research states that the country has over 3 million sex workers, and you find them in designated red-light districts of major cities and towns. 

For example, while in Bangkok, the famous Patpong area beckons. Here, sex sells like hot cake, and you can’t miss out on the fun. You can also visit various Bangkok sex massages. Often, there are sex tours too, and you shouldn’t wait to jump on the bandwagon.

If you plan to explore other areas beyond Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and other similar locations, often teem sex workers. With reasonable prices for a steamy encounter, you can indulge as much as you have the energy. 

The search is also never long due to the many so-called go-go bars. In addition, you can also visit a considerable number of sex shows from where you can indulge in unlimited sexual fun.

2. Cambodia, Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

While prominent temples and museums attract most tourists to Cambodia, its seedier side does the same. So if your sole purpose is to enjoy the sensual pleasures, the best place to start would be Phnom Penh, the capital. You can also move to Siem Reap for further adventure. The best areas to begin your search is bars, brothels, and massage parlors.

But even as you move into local towns, you will find designated places offering sex services from the locals. Remember, prostitution is considered illegal, but you can cooperate with the inhabitants to direct you to safer bars and brothels. Even so, I would recommend sticking to bigger cities and towns where people are knowledgeable, and general communication is effortless.  

3. Spain, Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

Isn’t almost everyone ever vacationing in Spain? However, the tourism industry is not just a reserve of the typical sun and tan, bullfighting, and wine. Prostitution is also big business in this location. Did you know that Spain is known as Europe’s brothel? According to a UN report (2011), Spain ranks as the third-largest sex tourism destination, coming closely behind Puerto Rico and Thailand. 

Here, the sex work industry is legal, with red-light districts spread in every corner. And because it is permissible, the environment is much safer and affordable than if it weren’t. So, if you plan to vacay with sex indulgence, you are almost in safe hands. 

While here, you need not look far for your first catch. From Madrid to Ibiza and Barcelona, you come across red-light districts that can instantly cater to your taste. For instance, Madrid’s Gran Via street is a standard prostitute hub, while Las Ramblas boulevard will be teeming with sex workers day and night. In Ibiza, check out the area surrounding Figueretas to indulge.

4. Germany, Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

If you travel around Europe, then Germany is a must-visit for an unforgettable sexual encounter. While sex work is widespread, it is also legal. Huge brothels speak for themselves right in the middle of Stuttgart. And Hamburg, Bremen, and Schleswig-Holstein provide the safest environment for its sex workers. It is why you might have to acquaint and abide by each regulation guiding sex work in these locations.

Let’s talk about how cheap these services might be. If you are on the prowl in Berlin, charges can hike from as high as € 1000 per session, depending on location and type of hooker. But the prevailing prices range between €30-140. Again, I would not recommend it, but the streets and private homes are often cheaper than those high-end brothels. So with as little as 20 to 30 Euros, you can have that adventure. 

You can also find more affordable providers from those adult sex websites. As you browse, you might also have an idea of the best adult sex toys that most prostitutes love to use. The good thing is that whatever the toy, you can always order your toy online from various trusted adult sex toy stores. Shipping and delivery are also quick.

5. Brazil; Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

Brazil isn’t just the football capital, attracting crowds of soccer fans. It is also a famous sex tourism hotspot. For one, prostitution is legal, so this provides a safe environment for flesh sampling. And, any sex experience comes with a mix of some of the most charming beauties. So, it’s like winning a double jackpot. 

The cities and towns have various red-light districts. But you can also venture into the bars and nightclubs. Suppose you land in Rio de Janeiro. The immediate place to scavenge would be Vila Mimosa and Copacabana áreas. Fortaleza is also an excellent place for your escapades. While at it, make personal security your focus and priority as Brazil, in general, is famed for unending crimes.

6. The Netherlands; Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

You would think the Netherlands’ popularity is merely for scenic views and museum attractions. But that is not the case. This beautiful country plays in the big league in terms of the seedier life. I would say since sex work here is legal, you won’t have a huge safety concern. 

So, as you pack your bags, Amsterdam’s De Wallen area can be your very first place to visit. Ruysdael Kade area also has its designated red-light district with about 40 window brothels. You can also venture into sprawling bars and nightclubs. There would be no shortage of red-light communities even if you ventured into the countryside. You have to ask, and you will find the right places. Then, of course, there are also excellent adult dating websites where you can browse for escorts. 

Remember, sex work regulations exist in the Netherlands. So, the minimum pay for each encounter goes for about €50. You also need to be conversant with other laws, including the repercussions that could accompany the disrespect of a sex worker.

7. Jamaica; Cheapest Sex Tourism Destinations

Although prostitution is illegal in Jamaica, it still goes on regardless. Kingston especially has

several nightclubs where you can find classy prostitutes. However, sometimes the pay might be much higher than if you were to source from elsewhere. Thus, if you want cheaper, you will find local sex workers from low-end clubs. 

Also, if you are so keen, you will discover some sex workers prefer to do it from their homes. And if that is not to your liking, then a place like Ocho Rios has readily available sex workers. 

Likewise, never ignore what goes on in those massage parlors. Often, they discretely operate as brothels. You can quickly identify the salons, well-advertised in pornographic magazines and adult sex websites. You can also gamble with the tourist attraction locations such as Montego Bay, where there is the open soliciting of clients by sex workers.

How to Spice Up Your Vacay with the Most Exciting Sex Toys

As you head out to the wide world, you would never know what to expect. It is why gearing up with your own set of sex toys is a clever move. But you must also research as some destinations won’t permit entry if you bring sex toys. 

And even if the destination is a liberal one, pack only smaller motor vibrators to pass through the security system to be the other safe side. Also, remove the toy batteries from your vibrator to avoid mishaps. 

Suppose it’s USB rechargeable. Ensure to fully charge it so that it is ready for use wherever you are. And please never forget that charger, as you might have challenges finding a compatible one at your destination. Remember, too, liquid restrictions also apply to your lube and so limit to the proper limit. 

 What Are Some of The Travel-Friendly Sex Toys to Pack?

Traveling in itself can be a hassle, but what if you must include a set of adult toys in your case? Then it would be wise to apply the portability and discreteness aspects. So here are some of the best travel-wise toys to bring along.

Rose-Shaped Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

The Rose sucking vibrator is super light and discrete, hence the best travel companion. Because it has a beautiful rose flower-like shape, an average person wouldn’t guess that it is an adult sex toy. Its packaging is also distinct. And then it is also USB rechargeable enabling you to carry it anywhere in the world. Of course, keep it locked to avoid any unexpected travel mishaps. Once at your destination, you can turn it on and indulge. 

LELO Tor 2 Couples’ Ring

The best way to spice up your sex life while on vacay is with LELO Tor 2 Couples’ Ring. The sex toy merely looks like an innocent finger ring, albeit slightly on the larger side. Still, until you say it, no one will ever have a clue that you are carrying an adult sex toy. A big plus about this toy is that it’s USB rechargeable so that you can bring it along with the charger. And finally, it is of silicone material and waterproof so that you experiment with a bath or shower sex with your newly found partner.

Dame Eva II Hands-Free Couples’ Vibrator

As you will soon discover, Dame Eva II Hands-Free Couples’ Vibrator has an important travel feature in the form of travel mode. Together with USB charging, you can never freak out that your gadget will vibrate along the trip. The vibrator is also tiny, and discrete and unless you shout, no one has an idea it is a sex toy.

Evolved Sunny Sensations 

Evolved Sunny Sensations has a simple, tiny, and highly portable pen-shaped design. Being USB rechargeable, all you need is to quickly toss it in your luggage, together with its charger. But before you do so, fully charge it and then turn it off to avoid issues with the security system at the departure or destination point. 

You can then turn once you are safely within your destination. The sex toy also features the most delicate silky finishing allowing you to spin right in the shower or bath. Cleaning is also easy. With mild soapy water, you can keep it clean after each use. 

Satisfyer Pro Traveler Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator


Satisfyer Pro Traveler Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator is typically pocket-sized. Yet, it delivers the most potent sensation you would ever imagine. Its suction technology engages the clit so that you achieve intense orgasms instantly. Still, the advantage is its size and its USB rechargeability. In addition, it is a light device that doesn’t alert anyone of what it is you have to do with you along the trip. Cleaning is also easy, and you can keep up with high hygiene levels in whatever corner of the globe you are.


In Conclusion

Besides the above-mentioned cheap sex tourism destinations, there are plenty of others. For example, Singapore, Colombia, Kenya, Malaysia, and even Japan have a reputation for widespread and affordable sex. But I would also urge you to dig deeper and establish your host’s legal status regarding sex tourism. You would rather be safe than sorry not to bend the rules in pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile, as you pack your bags, bring only travel-friendly sex toys with you. So size, motor, shape, and packaging matter a lot. In addition, it is crucial to exercise discreteness, as not everyone welcomes an open display of sex toys.


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