• Has anyone tried one called a Vibra King? This is supposed to be amazing

  • $2000 for a vibrator, yeah that is ridiculous. I've had $20 vibrator that did good as hell.

  • I was watching make up toturials.. I don't know what happened

  • i think ill get electric tpoth brush and mame it gerard lol

  • Je joue literally means "I'm playing" but in the French vernacular means "I'm coming".

  • Save your money ladies. My cock is free and I'm willing to come to you.

  • who tf has almost $3000 to spend on a vibrator holy shit

  • try this one : http://bit.ly/2mboxX6 for the Deluxe Clitoral Sucker Stimulator and USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator with Orgasm Warranty

  • The price what the fuck???

  • hm why am i watching this

  • Why are we here again?

  • Diamonds? It'll fucking tear the vag up dude.

  • thank you for doing this in such a progressional, positive and informative way. this is how the dialogue around female pleasure should be carried out – it's not a mystery, we just need to talk about it.

  • Im fucking sure off camera they were laughing without breating lol

  • It's like individuals are so disconnected from one another they actually need or even prefer sex toys as a surrogate for sexual intimacy.

  • Women sure do masturbate a lot.

  • Prosthetics dicks oh fuck!!!

  • Ulat sampah

  • She can't wait to try the toys

  • bitch my fingers can probably do better than this

  • For lonely people 🤨

  • Wow

  • Hey how can I buy ths

  • This is ridiculous urgh guys just use adam and eve they have all types at half the cost plus if you look up youtubers you can find half off codes from their videos of them showcasing different toys.

    This video was so useless the external vibe wasnt even good?? Like wtf??? I woulda shown a satisfyer or the old fashioned back "massager " type. Seriously if you want cheaper, safe and truely various products go to A&E

  • Please…. I got a Teardrop Bullet from Amazon for $7.00

  • Main number 9779715768

  • I have most of these

  • the female interviewer must had a horrible car accident, cause her face was wrecked 😎

  • For everyone complaining about the prices, first of all, if you think $100 is too much to spend on a sex toy, then don’t spend that much! The Lelo and Fun Factory toys are really high quality and generally you get what you pay for (the JimmyJane vibes were just marketing nonsense, no sex toy needs to cost that much), but you can definitely find good toys at a more affordable price point. However, I’d be wary of $7 dollar vibrators on eBay and $20 ones on amazon (as a rule of thumb, never buy sex toys on eBay or amazon). Make sure you look for toys made of materials like glass, ABS plastic, or silicone, all of which are non-porous and non-toxic, so they’re body safe and easy to clean. Never buy a toy made of pvc (that shit’s toxic) and avoid toys made from tpe/tpr, which is porous, so it’s harder to clean properly, and can harbor bacteria and lead to infections.

  • OMG that's very overpriced.

  • G-Spot confirmed….I'm out

  • pleas sho bob and vagene kelly pls

  • Why im here… Im boy

  • very nice video!

  • I got my first at Spencer’s. Best $17 ever spent

  • Okay but who tf thinks “oh I’m so rich I wanna shove diamonds up my p*ssy?”

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