Lovense Edge 2 vs Lovense Edge 1

Lovense Edge 2 vs Lovense Edge 1

Lovense Edge 2 vs Lovense Edge 1

People who have never experienced it won’t believe how satisfying a perineum orgasm is. What’s even incomprehensible is how intense prostate orgasm can be unless, of course, if you’ve experienced it before. Thankfully Lovense listens and implements customer feedback, a process that led to the making of the Lovense Edge 1, which is a prostate massager sex toy designed to offer maximum climax by vibrating the prostate and perineum in more ways than one.


Anyone who knows will tell you that quality prostate massagers are scanty, and when the Lovense Edge 1 came out, there was exceptional demand, which led to the production of a Lovense Edge 2. One thing these two models are good at is satisfying the user, which cannot be said of competing options.


This article will be going into details about these sex toys by Lovense, and at the end, you will know which is the better of the two. Let’s dive in.


The Lovense Edge 1

Lovense is marketing both models as the first adjustable prostate massager in the world. After trying it, you will know that these are more than claims because the sex toy really does hit the spot. The Edge is suitable for cam performers, especially guys, and interestingly, after integrating with a cam site, the vibration will become activate when someone tips you. How cool is that?


Starting with the design, it looks and feels premium. An added advantage is that it’s made from silicone that won’t harm your body. Once you purchase, there’s a one-year warranty to enjoy, which goes to show how committed Lovense is to satisfying your wildest prostate fetishes.


Purchase the Lovense Edge 1 is an investment because you’re either buying it to keep the fire burning between you and your long-distance lover, to enjoy some hands-free erotic fun, or to turn your public naughtiness level up a notch with discreet play. Using it to perform on cam sites is one of the popular means to generate revenue, and in most cases, your customers will buy toys for you. That will be an opportune moment to wish for the Edge 2, which is relatively pricier.


Notable Features of the Lovense Edge 1

  1. The insertable part slides in about 3 inches, which is enough to get you to explode.
  2. Design-wise the motor is set in the middle of the toy so as to supply equal vibrations to both the perineum and your prostate.
  3. When full, the rechargeable battery powers two hours of continuous play.
  4. Almost all Lovense products are waterproof, and the Edge is no exception. You will be able to enjoy it in a swimming pool when bathing and even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside in public.
  5. The Edge Bluetooth connection works as it’s supposed to, and you can enjoy remote connectivity over any distance. Activating the toy using sound is another mind-blowing feature.
  6. Connecting to the app allows you to create your own patterns, sync vibrations to music, and let your lover control the sex toy as you discreetly melt in public naughtiness. The teledildonic technology enables your lover to control your prostate massager with only an internet connection. That is advantageous for anyone in long distance relationships.
  7. The Edge comes with a button that you will use to select vibration intensity. A unique feature is that you can use the app to access other people’s patterns, elevating your satisfaction to another level.
  8. The material is easy to clean, and the smoothness makes it effortless for penetration. It is also sturdy enough, so don’t worry about it slipping out when you’re about to climax.
  9. The Lovense Edge 1 is flexible to allow multiple configurations that will favor your preferences. It is essentially two vibrators stuck together to facilitate your perineum and prostate orgasm. The device is quiet enough for a discreet play in public but avoids a quiet environment because then the vibration noise might be amplified.


The Disadvantages of the Lovense Edge 1

  1. You can’t use silicone-based lubrication on the Edge; instead, you’ll be safe purchasing the options Lovense provides or water-based lubricants.
  2. The charging light is dim, and most of the time, you’ll be checking the battery level via the app.
  3. Once you lose or damage the USB charging cable, the only place to find a replacement is by contacting Lovense.
  4. Some users have complained that hands-free connectivity gets lost or weak when the sex toy is submerged in water or when obstructed by a barrier.
  5. Other folks say that the tip is too big for newbies who would love to comfortably try out the experience.
  6. Software updates are not always stable, which renders the device useless for the most part. A glitchy Lovense Edge 1 plus a poor internet connection might bring losses to a cam performer.


It might seem that the Edge has a lot of problems, but most of these cons can be considered luxuries because the device is meeting its primary objective. According to customer feedback, the first users are in love with their prostate massagers and see no reason why Edge 2 is better.


The Lovense Edge 2

The Edge 2 features improvements of all the advantages of the Edge 1 and correction of the flaws. An immediately visible difference between the two toys is that the latest model has a bulbous shaft for better grip. However, in terms of performance, they are worlds apart. The Edge 2 comes with double motors, which offer twice the vibration intensity.


The arm has been redesigned to offer more accurate perineum and prostate stimulation. The arm contains a slightly bigger bulb, which improves the sturdiness of the toy, which means it will not slip out even at maximum vibration patterns. The Edge 2 is made with men in mind, and so far, client feedback unanimously agrees that this second generation of the prostate massager really does hit the right spot.


When in use, the shaft has the right amount of firmness, and you bet it won’t move once inserted. The shaft is also flexible, but you need some force to bend into the desired angle.


The Notable Features of the Lovense Edge 2

  1. This sex toy comes with two motors that are bigger for double the pleasure offered by Edge 1 and triple the satisfaction provided by rival toys in the market.
  2. The improved magnetic charging renewable batteries offer consistent high-level vibrations, which result in quality sensations.
  3. It’s built to be durable, survive rough handling, and won’t break easily.
  4. The Edge 2 is made using non-toxic silicone, which won’t cause any allergies to the users anytime soon.
  5. The Bluetooth connection has been upgraded to work seamlessly. Whether your lover is controlling the prostate massager via the internet or right next to you. You will enjoy a stable 360-degree remote access range at a maximum of 6 meters when standing and 3 meters when sitting.
  6. Other improvements include access to unlimited vibration patterns stored on the cloud. Which means you can use them after upgrading to a new sex toy.
  7. Lovense products are compatible with the best cam sites on the market, and the uninterruptible connection will ensure that your clients are happy, and so will you judging by the load you’re going to burst.
  8. The app is compatible with most devices, and you’ll require a Bluetooth USB adapter when pairing with a personal computer. Lovense also sells their own USB Bluetooth adapter that’s ideal for such connections.
  9. The insertable shaft of the Edge 2 goes 3.59 inches deep, which is about 0.5 more than the Edge 1. Some men believe longer is better, and you need any length possible.
  10. It is IPX7 waterproof, which makes it easier to clean and enjoy underwater prostate massaging. Try it today because rumor has it that underwater perineum orgasm is on another level.


The only con for the Edge 2 is that the sex toy might be too rumbly for some people. This might be a minor complaint, but it’s valid because the ass is a delicate pleasure organ. The good thing is that Lovense is continuously implementing customer requests, so let’s wait and see.


The Verdict

The Lovense Edge 2 is an improvement of Edge 1, which left users with connectivity issues during crucial moments of the prostate massaging ritual. The Edge 2 is sturdier, offers better wireless connection and powerful dual vibrations. The Lovense Edge 2 is pricier of the two adjustable prostate massagers. But the price tag could again be justifiable with the improvements made.


The Edge 1 came out in 2017. It was the hot stuff back until the Edge 2 showed up in 2020. What Lovense did over the years in between is listen to user feedback. They then released a version that amplifies the qualities of the previous model.


The Edge 2 is better because it runs on more recent technology. On the other hand, Edge 1 is still very much useful and loved. But it will suffer from connection issues and get affected by software updates. Paying a little more for a better antenna and stronger vibrations does not seem like a bad idea to most adjustable prostate massager fans.





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