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Sex Toy Brand Spotlight – LELO

LELO, based in Sweden, is one of the leading manufacturers of upmarket sex toys, including vibrators, BDSM products and accessories, massage products, condoms and more. This company is known for high-quality, striking design, and the high quality of each of their products. Learn more about LELO now, and browse LELO products at AdultShopSexToys.com right away.

The History Of The Brand

LELO was founded in Sweden in 2002 by engineer Filip Sedic, and industrial designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson. The company began business in 2003, when it was registered as a limited liability company, and employed a total of about 10 people in Stockholm.

Today, the company employs more than 600 people worldwide, with offices throughout Asia, Australia, the US, and Europe, and it has been recognized for the high quality of its products and designs. LELO is a luxury brand, with most vibrators and other products costing $100 or more.

Top Selling Products

LELO primarily focuses on vibrators and other similar sex toys, and is mostly marketed towards women, although men can also use many LELO products, and some LELO products, such as the HEX Condom, are marketed specifically towards men. Best-sellers from LELO include:

  • SONA Cruise – SONA Cruise is a clitoral stimulator, designed specifically to stimulate both the visible and invisible areas of the clitoris, using sonic vibrations and pulses. It’s 100% waterproof, and features 8 different pleasure settings, as well as a unique design that stimulates 75% more of the clitoris, compared to other vibrator products.
  • GIGI 2 – The GIGI 2 is the flagship vibrator from LELO. It’s a vibrator with a curved and flattened tip, designed to stimulate and target the G-spot during use. It can also be used as a clitoral stimulator by flipping the unit, making it a highly-versatile and popular sex toy, both for solo and intimate use.
  • IDA – The IDA is a couple’s vibrator, designed to be worn by women when making love. It’s designed to rotate and vibrate for intense stimulation for both partners, and is remote controlled, allowing either partner to control the intensity and pleasure, without interruption. Bendable and moveable, it can complement the body in any position.

Awards & Recognition

LELO has been recognized by many publications for its work in the sex toy industry, and was the first sex toy company to ever be awarded the prestigious Cannes Lions award for Product Design. The company has also won the Red Dot Design Award for 2 years in a row, and over 30 other awards within the adult industry.

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