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How to Make Him Feel Special in a Long-Distance Relationship

A couple chatting on video call to cope up with the long distance

A long distance relationship comes with many challenges that both parties need to look into to avoid misunderstandings. One of the main challenges in such relationships is to keep the fire burning. So as a couple, your primary focus should be this by making either of you happy and feel special. 

But do you know how to make him feel wanted and special from wherever he is? Read on and understand how you can overcome the distance barrier by keeping your love fresh and lively. 

Chat Frequently

If you want your man to feel special all day throughout the time you’re apart, ensure you chat with him regularly. You can do this using various communication tools at different times. Here’s how you can use multiple tools to make him feel special;

Video Calls are Essential for a Long Distance Relationship

You can take your time and money and invest in different video call apps like Skype, FB messenger, or WhatsApp messenger. Using these apps doesn’t require much as you only need to install them on your phone or laptop, then call your loved one anytime you’re free. Because you want to make him special, you can sing him his favorite song. Or do video call him while in some sexy lingerie and suggestive posture? 

You can also take that time to do online dates where you set a schedule, look nice for him then get to a quiet place. After that, you can watch a movie together by either sharing a screen or stream on Netflix separately. 

You can also make a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify and enjoy listening together. Also, taking quizzes from various websites like BuzzFeed can keep you going and make him feel special as you’ve spared your precious time for him better and have fun. 

Messaging Tools for a Long Distance Relationship

You can also make good use of messaging tools like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger. Through these apps, you can send him sweet messages that will make him feel special. You can also be sexting and talk about the memorable moments you had together. 

Tell him how he completes your world early in the morning, and remind him how you love him before going to bed to rest. You should always check on him while you’re together to see how a queen cherishes him regardless of the distance. 

Calling apps that support long distance relationships

You can also invest in calling apps that will enable you to contact your man anytime without spending much money. All you need to do is have a smartphone connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile internet. With these free calling apps, you can make free calls on Android, iOS, windows, or Linux-enabled devices. 

You can download Viber and spice your love with him or use hangouts which also can video call. Another app you can use is Kakaotalk which allows you to text and call him when you want. You can call telling him how your day is/was and confirm your undying love for him.

Plan For Surprise Dates and Visits

You can also take some off from school or your job and travel to wherever your loved one is. That can be challenging financially, but you can plan earlier and save for this precious moment. 

After proper planning, you can go to his place and spend some time together unannounced. Or trick him to a location you’d love to have the date and enjoy your time together. You’ll see how sweet it is to surprise and how happy and special he’ll feel by your kind gesture. 

Drop Him Some Love Letters

Although technology is taking over the world, you can stick to the old day’s communication to make him feel special. So look for a love letter-themed writing paper and write him something sweet that will leave him happy.

After writing the letter, look for a delivery company and let them take it to him. But ensure you write charming and captivating messages that will leave your man emotional and longing for you. The letters will remind you of your sweet love and help him whenever he’s down and lonely.

Gift Him with Various Gifts

Gifts can make your man feel special during special occasions and any other day you feel like. But don’t limit yourself as anything from your loved one can go a long way to make him feel special. You can buy him romantic gifts like long distance touch bracelets or a sexy notepad. After identifying the best gift, send it as a surprise. 

Alternatively, you can collaborate with online shops after purchase deliveries and have his gift delivered to him. All you need to do is ensure the online vendor is legit and can deliver without compromise. You can also ask the person to write him a special note on the gift on your behalf to make him feel loved. 

Don’t fear sending him sex toys for husbands to spice up his bed which feels empty while you’re away. These toys will help him reduce his sexual urge as he waits for you to come over.  

Send Him Some Photos When in a Long Distance Relationship

You can spice your long distance relationship by sending him either your current or old photos. The photos will help him think about you whenever he misses you. They can also help him think of the precious moments together and remind him of his place in your life. 

You can even get naughty and send him nude pics; that’s if your trust level is high enough. These kinds of photos will make him want you more and, at times, force his ways to your place. 

To get quality photos to ensure you invest in good cameras that will not disappoint you. You can even use photo editing apps to make your pics attractive and worth keeping. 

Don’t forget to be creative and make a collection of your photos on various occasions while he is away and send them to him. If you can, introduce a game with the pictures by asking him to guess your location right. If he gets it right, you can gift or appreciate him in your way. 

Tell Them Everything That Happens While He’s Away

If you want to make your loved one feel special, don’t hide anything from him. For example, if you did dream about him, tell him about it and what the dream was all about. Also, don’t forget to tell him how you feel about him, too, as a sign of love. 

If you miss him, that’s exactly what your phone call should start with and not only give him hopes but make him feel lucky for having you in his life. If you want to make the stories worthy, share every detail of the story so that your partner understands everything well. Doing this might help him get other information you might deem irrelevant but make sense to him.

Work On Your Intimacy

Intimacy is a significant problem for most people in a long distance relationship. If not well taken care of, it can lead to cheating or even break up. To reduce the chances of this happening, invest in things that will increase your intimacy level regardless of the distance. 

First, to achieve this, first work on your likes and dislikes and what’s important to both of you. Then, after knowing each other better, you’ll know what to do with him, like playing online games together. You also need to work on your physical intimacy by investing in sex toys like vibrators which can help him get sexually satisfied. With these toys, you can control his pleasure levels and allow him to enjoy in your absence. 

Also, you can video call and watch each other while using sex toys. Maintaining physical intimacy in your relationship will help both of you reduce your chances of cheating. But don’t forget to visit your man to get physical satisfaction from him as the sex toys may never satisfy him the way you do. 

Tag Him in Funny Videos

You can also make him feel special and happy by tagging him in funny video posts from Facebook or any social media site. Remember, funny photos and memes can also make him know you think about him. 

But ensure you know what makes him laugh and don’t force him with things he doesn’t like. If you tag them in these memes or videos, he’ll get notifications on his phone, brightening up his day and acting as a sweet reminder that you care for him. 

Stay Faithful to Him in a Long Distance Relationship

There is nothing heartwarming as having a faithful partner who also believes in you. To make your man feel special, be loyal to him regardless of the distance. Remember, he also knows the challenges that come with the distance but is willing to overcome this with you. 

To be faithful, though, you need self-discipline, which will help you control yourself and resist temptations. If you realize some situations can lure you into such, look for the best way to run from them. Being faithful will also help you build on your trust, making him feel loved and special. 

Remember, for you to be faithful and trustworthy, you’ve got to be patient. Trust will make you patient with him, which will help you stay strong and longer in your relationship. Patience will also help you face the challenges that come with such relationships and be overcomers. 

Make Him His Favorite Meal

Treating your man to special meals you’ve made in a long distance relationship can be tricky. But in the current technological world, this should be a thing of the past. So instead, look for a restaurant next to his place that does his favorite dish and order from them. Then, you can request them to deliver it to his office or residential home with a special message on it. 

Doing this is not only a sign of sacrifice for your love but also an act that will melt his heart. It will also be a memory to keep fresh and can make him reciprocate.

Be His Refuge and Comfort

Men go through a lot, some of which you can never handle when given a minute to tackle. So to avoid stressing him, be his source of peace and comfort. To be his peace means you not only trust and love him but also not quarrel with him. So be his source of laughs but avoid stressing or accusing him of things you’re not sure of. 

Please don’t do things he doesn’t like. For example, if he hates a nagging girlfriend, avoid that. If he enjoys communicating during certain times of the day because of his busy schedule, don’t disturb him with constant calls but rather drop him an email or message to read later and get back to you. 

Accept Him and The Situation You’re Both In

One of the best ways to avoid fights and struggles in a long distance relationship is to accept your man for who or what he is. Accepting the situation you’re in will also help you adjust, plan well and change some habits that would hurt the relationship. 

Note that these are not character or personality because these are things you look at after committing into the relationship. But instead, it means that if your man doesn’t like using social media platforms for communication, that’s it, and look for what he likes. Accept it when he doesn’t want to call or text you and give him the space to avoid fights and arguments. 

Acceptance will also help you plan according to his preference. You will also understand each other better because you’re likely not to infuse your emotions in your conversations while planning. Finally, doing this will help your man feel home and special because he knows you understand and accept him for who he is. 

Give Him the Necessary Support

A long distance relationship where both partners understand each other is prone to last longer. Through understanding, you’ll be able to support him in different projects that will make him feel like a king in your life. Lack of support can make him cold, distant himself, or even lose interest in the relationship.  

Remember, there are projects he’d love to accomplish with you, but he can’t do it because of the long distance. But with your help and support, he’ll feel special in your life. Encourage him in his lowest moments, assist him where necessary, act on his behalf, and see your love grow. Make your support for him help you overcome the distance that’s keeping you apart. 

Respect Him Especially in a Long Distance Relationship

Despite the long distance, find it in your heart to respect your man. Understand that men love when their partners respect and value them. Therefore, admire and hold him in high regard for him to feel special because not doing so makes them feel unappreciated.

But how can you disrespect a man in a long distance relationship? Imagine complaining about him not picking or replying to your text during work hours while you understand his tight schedule. 

Or not appreciating his efforts to make you happy no matter how little they seem to be. You can also disrespect him by not doing his plans or letting him lead you because of not trusting his capabilities. 

To avoid disrespecting your man and make him feel special in your life, consider his requests and work on protecting his image. Then, with respect, he’ll be free with you and feel satisfied with your love and value you more.


Loving a man in a long distance relationship not only requires patience but also trust and dedication. If you commit to being his regardless of the borders, treat him well to feel special. Gift him when you can, but don’t forget constant communication is vital. For this reason, invest in various communication tools that will help you spice the love. 

But don’t forget respect, trust, and being faithful to him will make him feel more special. Also, strive to work on your physical intimacy by investing in sex toys and other things to keep the oil burning. Finally, remember, surprise visits do wonders, so don’t hesitate to go to his place for some cozy moments.