• duh

  • Great video!

  • Damn it….I was JUST going to buy a 30 inch dong….Maybe I need to ask her first….HAHA

  • thank you im a beginner sex toy user. and this was very helpful and useful in making me feel comfortable before i went and got my toy. also love your energy

  • im a virgin. what kind of toys should i opt for? i was thinking vibrators.

  • I found this helpful but again without there being much guidelines for sex toys in the US (and other places as well unfortunately) we should also keep in mind which materials are more body safe.

    I definitely have to say size is a big one people overlook. DIAMETER in specifically. Always be sure you check the product dimensions to make sure it's something you will be comfortable with.

  • I need one with a suction cup, my arm gets tired it seems ._.

  • Hi please help me!! I'm a vergin and wants to marry a man who is is completely impotent, i love him and so i can't live without him.. so my question is that after my marriage can i use these vibrators for the whole life? can they gives complete satisfaction??

  • No do the normal first

  • Tips on buying one discreetly? Especially the delivery bit?

  • hai i need boyfriend I'm single and horny

  • hai i need boyfriend I'm single and horny

  • wow….. super..

  • I live in Bahrain. Find out here

  • How can we find without our parents finding out?

  • Hi
    I haf a

  • I need some help😭 I am teen and i am interested in buying a toy for myself but I’m just wondering if I can pick up the packaging at a post office nearby my area where I live ? I live in the US and btw i have no problem ordering it with a prepaid card. I’m just having problems figuring out where can I pick up the packaging 😭❤️ thank you

  • I want a bullet but im in vietnam and dont know how to buy it

  • I just ordered something! Great customer service as well!
    It will arrive on the 19th so I'm really excited 🙂

  • This is a fantastic video.

  • hi i want to buy one of sex toys how can i contact you maam?

  • Love you Jess Wilde Your sooo funny

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