Sex Toy Brand Spotlight – Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a US-based company, operating out of Austin, Texas, which is most well-known for developing the Fleshlight masturbatory aid, a tube-shaped unit designed in the shape of an oversized flashlight, built with a unique soft, flesh-like material in the inner sleeve. While it’s primarily marketed to straight men, Fleshlight also has a number of products for women and gay men. Interested in a Fleshlight? Shop now at AdultShopSexToys.com now, or learn more about the company now.FleshLight - #1 Selling Adult Sex Toy

The History Of The Brand

Steve Shubin, the founder of the company and the designer of the first Fleshlight, first was granted a patent for the Fleshlight more than two decades ago, in July 1998. Thanks to its unique design and the patented, flesh-like material of the Fleshlight, it quickly became one of the most popular male masturbatory aids on the market.

In the early 2000s, the number of Fleshlight products expanded dramatically, with new textures and styles like Super Tight, Wonder Wave, and Super Ribbed, and more. In 2008, the lineup expanded with the addition of Fleshlight Girls – products designed to imitate the appearance of adult film stars. Soon after, the FleshJack was introduced, which is designed for gay men and modeled from some of the leading male stars in the adult film industry.

Today, Fleshlight is still one of the most well-known, male-focused sex toy companies in the world, and continues to expand with new products every year.

Top Selling Products

While the overall design of the Fleshlight itself has not changed much, the design of the inner sleeve has changed quite a bit.

Today, Fleshlight sells inner sleeves that are available with a mouth, anus, or vulva orifice, and in a variety of unique colors and textures. There are a total of more than 48 different internal textures available for the Fleshlight, providing consumers with an unparalleled number of choices when it comes to picking a masturbatory aid.

Customers can also build their own Fleshlight, picking out every detail of their toy. Other top products include the automated Fleshlight Launch toy, and the Fleshlight Turbo, which is designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex.

Awards & Recognition

Fleshlight has been recognized for its position in the industry many times, winning the 2014 XBIZ Awards for “Male Sex Toy Of The Year,” as well as the AVNs. It’s the #1 most-recognized male sex toy in the world, and more than 13 million fleshlights have been sold over the company’s two-decade long history.

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