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Can Vibrators Hurt Baby During Pregnancy

Can Vibrators Hurt Baby During Pregnancy

Not exactly sure whether you can continue to indulge in your favorite vibrational pastime now that you are pregnant? There is no need to worry as sex toys, including vibrators and dildos, are safe for use during pregnancy. As an imitation of natural intercourse, a vibrator would never hurt a fetus unless yours is a high-risk pregnancy.

But even then, each pregnancy is unique, and you just never know what can go wrong. The intelligent thing is to talk to your doctor to rule out any potential risks, including Previa. Also, only a doctor can ascertain if you are prone to membrane rupture or cervical incompetence.

In which case, they would put you on pelvic rest.

Typical pelvic rest might also require that you keep off not just the vibrator but all penetrative sexual intercourse. That aside, early pregnancy is usually safe for most pregnancies because oxytocin receptors are still low, and contractions rare.

In the meantime, vibrator use during pregnancy requires that you amp your hygiene standards to reduce infection risk that could harm the baby. It is recommended that you clean the surface of your gadget with clean, warm soapy water, ensuring all is germ-free to lower infection risk.

Here are some of the things you should know about the use of vibrators during pregnancy. 

Vibrator Use Cannot Harm Your Baby During Pregnancy

Most couples enjoy healthy sexual intercourse right up to the last minute of their pregnancy. It is still the same with a vibrator that mimics the penis. All you need is to apply the standard precautions while at it.

Here is why you can use a vibrator without worry. The uterus where a baby resides has enormous amounts of amniotic fluids surrounding it. It also has solid uterine muscles that shield your baby from any external pressure due to sex.

This area also has a mucus plug tightly sealing the cervix and providing your baby with ultimate protection against infection.

For this reason, the chances are slim that your baby will come in contact with penis or vibrator penetration.

Unless yours is a preterm pregnancy situation, meaning the cervix opens earlier than the typical nine-month gestation period, your baby is free from any harm.

Still, your gyno would have checked and advised if you are prone to preterm labor or any other high-risk pregnancy conditions. 

Vibrator Use Is the Same As Sex

There is no difference between using a vibrator to regular sex. According to the Center for Specialized Women’s Health, sex remains one of the healthiest activities for a pregnant woman to pursue.

So, the vibrator’s thrusting motions, combined with foreplay and resulting orgasm, do much good for you. If you can sleep better, have lower blood pressure, and be happy, why not do it as often as you can. 

Using a vibrator has other additional advantages, including the release of oxytocin during orgasm. Known as a love hormone, it can help your relationship as you both look forward to the new arrival. Suppose you do not have a partner. The hormone still makes you feel good and relaxed.

The caveat of it all, though, is to apply safety in later gestation. While it cannot harm your baby at all, you can use it more externally for your peace of mind.

For example, you can still get those pleasurable sensations by applying the toy on, say, the vulva or clitoris.

You are not penetrating the inner sections of the vagina, and so you do not worry about thrusting and injuring the placenta.

The Orgasms Can Be More Intense When Using a Vibrator

Most pregnant women confess to immense pleasure and sexual satisfaction while using a vibrator. But there is a reason behind this arousal. Experts say that with pregnancy, there are massive amounts of hormonal changes.

Hormone buildup, especially in the nether regions, also increases blood flow around this area. It is why the mechanical movements of the toy make orgasms quite intense and pleasant.

A few discomforts may occur, though, which shouldn’t send alarm bells. Some of the expected but non-harmful complaints include mild cramps(Braxton hicks) due to intense orgasms. You should only worry if the contractions are painful and coming on at short intervals. 

It Is Normal to Experience Slight Bleeding During Vibrator Use While Pregnant

You shouldn’t freak out if you notice small amounts of bleeding after vibrator use during pregnancy. Gynecologists say it is perfectly normal. This anomaly is because the cervix experiences an increase in blood supply and circulation during pregnancy.

The tissues surrounding the cervix become highly sensitive during pregnancy, too. So any encounter with friction from the vibrator can cause some laceration and bleeding.

The bleeding should go away soon and pose no danger to your baby. Still, if the bleeding is heavier or prolonged, it would be wise to consult your doctor. It could be as a result of something else other than the sex toy.

The normal spotting is pinkish or bright red. The discharge can slowly turn to dark brown, resolving within two days.

Vibrator Cleanliness and Safety Is Key for a Healthy Pregnancy

Even as you use the vibrator is critical that you observe safe sex practices, especially in pregnancy. For example, there is an ever-present risk of infections if you share your vibrator or do not clean it properly.

UTIs are common because of hormonal changes and could also occur due to poor hygiene coming from a dirty vibrator.

Experts say that UTI is among the leading causes of preterm labor and not a vibrator. It is why you should do a thorough cleaning with clean soapy water after each use to minimize infections. 

Perchance the gadget accidentally touches the anus, clean it before using it in the vaginal canal. And suppose you must use the same toy for vaginal and anal penetration.

Then a condom would be of great use to prevent anal bacteria from reaching the highly sensitive and susceptible vagina.

And even though it is too risky to share your toy, use a condom too if you must swap. Another great practice is to pee after vibrator use, helping to flush out germs from the vaginal tract. 

The choice of a vibrator also matters. For example, silicone or hard plastic merely requires a bar of antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to keep it completely clean. Whichever the type, though, pay attention to cleaning instructions.

Take care of your toy storage, too, ensuring it sits in a cool, clean, dry place.

Finally, use only the safest sex positions during pregnancy. Experts advise not to have sex on your back as the pregnancy advances, to avoid exerting pressure on some of the very major blood vessels.

When to Stay Away From Vibrators During Pregnancy

Whereas it is perfectly safe to use your vibrator or dildo during pregnancy, there may be exceptions. Here are some of the reasons your vibrator might be a temporary no-go zone during pregnancy. 

If You Have Placental Abnormalities:

One of the typical placenta abnormalities is Placenta Previa. It involves the detachment of the placenta from the uterus wall and instead covers the mother’s cervix. Of course, it is not the vibrator causing all these issues.

It is just that the problem flares if anything at all, say penis, dildo, and vibrator goes in there. Even a finger can easily trigger Placenta Previa. The penetration can also then cause massive bleeding and sometimes a miscarriage.

Another almost similar condition is known as Vasa Previa. Here, the placenta or umbilical cord blood vessels can get trapped between the baby and the birth canal opening.

It is a complicated condition that can damage blood vessels or even dislodge the placenta once the area comes into contact with a vibrator.

Since it is more life-threatening, doctors often advise you to keep sex altogether until you are put to bed. However, if the sexual urges are beyond your control, a clitoral vibrator can come in handy for the job.

The advantage of this external toy is that it doesn’t penetrate the vaginal tract. Instead, it massages the clitoris, and vulva and you get to enjoy the same sensual feelings.

 If You Are Susceptible to Preterm Labor: 

Several situations can lead to preterm labor. For example, if you are carrying multiples, or you have experienced a premature birth before, then your doctor would be fitting to place on your pelvic rest. Other circumstances include cervical or abnormalities of the uterine, which can flare upon penetration.

In this case, the doctor may advise against a clitoral vibrator or heavy foreplay as the resulting orgasm can trigger the release of chemicals known as prostaglandins. These chemicals are responsible for those uterine muscle contraction, leading to either a miscarriage or preterm labor.

If You Have Cervical Incompetence:

Cervical incompetence, also known as premature cervical dilation, can cause your cervix to begin to open at any slight insertion. The biggest worry at this juncture is that a vibrator can rupture the membrane tissues.

It could also introduce harmful bacteria into the cervix if left uncleaned. Your baby is at risk of infection if something of the sort happens. Another worst-case scenario is premature delivery.

Other Conditions: 

Other common conditions can be why a vibrator is a no-go zone for now. These include if you experience heavy bleeding during pregnancy or you have a vaginal infection. But that is not all.

Doctors can be especially wary if you have previously had multiple births, as your cervix could be weaker. Finally, if your sexual partner has an STI, it would be prudent to keep off the vibrator now that you are also pregnant. This keeps both you and the baby safe from the risk of infections.

What to Do if Your Doctors Signs off on Normal Sex

It should not be the end of your sexual exploration and enjoyment of the physician puts you on pelvic rest. Most certainly, they will also recommend other sex types to keep your relationship going. Here are some of them the sex types to explore once the doc says no to regular sex.

Anal Sex

Assuming you are not prone to pregnancy hemorrhoids, back door sex would be the safest alternative to keep your sex life active. Still, you must apply all the care, caution, gentleness, and hygiene levels that typical anal sex demands.

For example, keep off the vaginal tract completely, and there shouldn’t be any accidental poke that can endanger the baby based on the doctor’s instruction.

But even in everyday situations, avoid going from anal to vaginal without thorough cleaning of the vibrator. Cleaning will limit any chance of bacteria getting into the vagina and onto the cervix. 

If anal sex makes you feel good, then it is safe and suitable for the baby too, and you shouldn’t feel guilty. All you need at this point is the doctor’s approval, and you are good to go.

Oral Sex

Oral sex can also be another timely option if you are on pelvic rest. Some of the acts include oral penetration, licking, and sucking, which arouses sexual pleasure. Even so, you must do it all with care such that you do not blow massive amounts of air into the vagina.

The issue with that is that it can cause what is known as air embolism. Air embolism is a considerable risk factor that causes air bubbles to form into the veins or arteries, blocking proper oxygen flow.


Besides being among the safest sex types, it could be your only option if yours a high-risk pregnancy. And with a likely higher than usual libido due to hormonal changes, it could be just what the doctor ordered to release any extra tension and boost your feel-good moods.

While both genital or nipple stimulation can still trigger a mighty orgasm, you will still be safe with no penetration. Again, the idea of oncoming uterine contraction due to such an orgasm is more theoretical, and most women continue to safely orgasm even when they are at risk of preterm labor.

It is, therefore, something you should enjoy unless your physician warns against it.

Meanwhile, the most significant advantage of masturbating is building good immunity due to the high oxytocin you get. Something else is that you can masturbate solo. But you can also bring your partner on board, helping to set your loving relationship in stone.

Final Remarks

Pregnancy comes with massive hormonal changes, some of which may amplify your libido. And whether you are partnered or not, a vibrator could be just what you need at this point to release the tension buildup and feel extremely good afterward.

Of course, you might worry that the mechanical thrust can pierce your baby. But such worries are entirely unfounded. Unless you have uterine and placental abnormalities, the fetus is highly shielded by strong uterine muscles and vast amounts of amniotic fluid.

The cervix plug also ensures nothing reaches and harms your baby.

Medical experts also say your nether regions are so tender and sensitive at this time. At the touch of a vibrator, you can quickly achieve ever-elusive orgasms, which are suitable for overall mother and baby health.

Still, use all the care and precautions, including keeping your toy clean. The more you keep up with good hygiene, the more you keep infection which could harm you and your baby at bay.