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Are Vibrators Good for Weight Loss?

Are Vibrators Good for Weight Loss

Most people are struggling with overweight effects like heart complications and diabetes. Because of these negative impacts, everyone with these challenges tries their best to lose weight. Some people reduce their carb intake, exercise, use vibrators while others do IMF. 

Even with this, you may never lose weight, leaving you desperate and going for dangerous ways like starving, cleansing, and using waist trainers.  

However, some people even use vibrators to lose weight by combining them with other exercises. But are vibrators good for weight loss? Read on and understand more about vibrators and weight loss and how they work. You’ll also understand if vibrator sex toys can also help you lose weight.

Understanding Vibrators

A vibrator or power plate works by shaking the whole body and sending high-speed vibrations to your muscles. It does stimulate your muscles faster than the usual rate. It’s normal for your muscles to contract and relax approximately twice a second. 

But with a vibrator, this will change to around 30 to 50 times a second. This means your body will be under immense pressure, and you’ll be using much energy to cope up with the changes. 

You can get these machines in gyms or buy them at various online shops for home-based use. With it, you’ll get desired results and have a better perception of yourself.

Why you should Use Vibrators for Weight Loss

  • It’s a low impact exercise

If you exercise for weight loss, you’ll strain a lot to achieve your goal. But with a vibrator, your joints and muscles, hips, and ankles won’t strain much, making it the best for all ages. 

That also makes it the best for the unfit who wish to lose weight or have injuries. Through the vibrators, you’ll learn to endure pain and build your strength. 

  • It allows you to set your workout according to your capabilities

With a vibrator, you won’t strain your body doing something you’re not comfortable with. That is because it has settings that allow you to set your preferred speed, which matches your fitness level. 

You can also use various positions on the vibrator while exercising, depending on your fitness requirement. If you’re a beginner, you can bend your legs for ten minutes around five times per week. With time you’ll gain balance and increase to more daring positions on the vibrator.

  • Speeds the weight loss process

Another benefit of using a vibrator for weight loss is that it makes the process faster. You can achieve this with a ten-minute workout in a day since the vibrator increases the intensity of your workout. When this happens, your metabolism will increase, making you lose fats faster. 

Also, the vibrators will strengthen the muscle fiber, making you use more energy when you’re exercising. If you use more energy during a workout than the one you take, your body will use stored fats, making you lose weight. 

However, you should check on your diet to avoid unhealthy foods, which will not make the journey successful. 

  • Good for full-body exercise

Another thing you’ll get by using vibrators for weight loss is full body involvement. That is possible through the position and the number of vibrations you use while working out. 

When your whole body is active, it means you’ll be able to trim down the entire body and have a better shape. When your whole body is involved in the workout, you’ll also reduce the effects of being overweight in an individual like heart problems. 

You will also lose more calories in no time by doing a full-body workout helping you achieve your main goal. The benefits of full-body training will enable you to spend less time exercising but get great results which is every overweight person’s dream.

  • It allows you to have home-based workouts

Most overweight people go to the gym daily, which can be tricky for those with tight schedules. The good thing about vibrators is that you can have them at home and enjoy their benefits. You can get these devices online from various shops at affordable prices. 

The good thing about these devices that can make you bring them home is their smaller size than all the other exercising machines. Also, having a home-based workout will save you a lot of money. That is because most gym membership fees are high, but the benefits of vibrators are many.

How You Should Use Vibrators for Weight Loss

Like you know, most people wish to lose weight, although getting the right way is a challenge. However, through technological advancements, you can use a vibrator and lose weight within no time. 

But don’t think you’ll either sit or stand on the machine, then the miracle happens. You have to be active through exercise like doing squats or crunches to be successful. But do you know how to use the vibrator to lose weight? Here’s an explanation;

If you want to lose weight through these machines, learn how to do complementary exercises. It’s advisable to do calisthenic exercises while standing on the vibrator. Doing this doesn’t involve the use of other training devices except that it’s a full-body workout. 

You can either do sit-ups, squats, or push-ups while on the machine. Through these exercises, your chances of losing weight increase, but you also need to check your diet to lose more weight.

Losing body fat will help you reduce your chances of getting heart diseases or diabetes, helping you live longer. You can do the following exercises while on the vibrator;

  • Isometric squats

To do this, you should stand on the vibrator then hold its handles to balance. Then put your feet apart in a comfortable posture, bend your knees, and then squat. Ensure your thighs are parallel to the floor, and then maintain the position for around 60 seconds before resuming the previous posture. Then take a break before repeating the process.

  • Split squats

It would help if you also did the split squats while on the vibrator to aid in weight loss. To do this, put the ball of your right foot on the floor while the left one is flat on the vibrator. 

After that, adjust your right foot back to get a long collapsing stance. But don’t forget to maintain your balance by holding the vibrator’s handles. 

Then lower your back knee and let both legs bend, but remember to stop after reaching 90 degrees. While doing that, ensure your thighs are parallel with the floor before going to your original posture and repeat the process afterward. 

  • Push-ups

To do push-ups while on the vibrator, you should place your hands on the vibrator’s platform. Then, lie down and put your legs behind you while supporting your whole weight with your hands and feet. 

But don’t forget to maintain your hips, shoulders, and heels straight and in line. Bend your knees to allow you to lower your chest near the surface while tightening your core. Before your chest reaches the platform, relax for some seconds, then go back to your initial position. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Using a Vibrator for Weight Loss

It’s good to consider some factors before you use a vibrator for weight loss. Remember using a vibrator while you’re suffering from some conditions can worsen the situation. 

For example, when you’ve got a severe backache, it’s advisable to avoid using the vibrator as it can worsen your pain. You should, in this case, seek your doctor’s clearance to use the vibrators.

You should also adjust your diet and monitor your calorie intake to fasten the weight loss journey. By this, you should ensure the calories you take don’t exceed the amount you’re going to use. 

You should also observe the five to six feeding programs. Remember to include foods like fresh fruits, which will boost your immune and sugar levels. Also, take more proteins which are a source of energy, vegetables, and whole grains to help provide you with the necessary strength while exercising. 

But don’t forget water as it will keep you going and maintain your cool. Also, don’t use the vibrator without incorporating exercises of various intensity to be successful in your weight loss journey. 

How Do Vibrators Aid in Weight Loss?

If you use a vibrator for weight loss, your blood flow will increase, you’ll gain more strength to do more exercises and reduce stress. You will also recover from exercising faster with a vibrator which are some contributors to weight gain. But how does this happen? Read on to understand more. 

How vibrators help reduce stress

When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol from the kidney. When this happens, your body’s normal functions will stop as it will be in flight mode. Your metabolism, too, will be affected. 

Excess production of cortisol will increase the fat and carbohydrates metabolism resulting in outpouring energy in your body. 

You may also crave sweet, salty, or fatty foods, which will make you gain weight. When you’ve body metabolism problems, converting food to energy also reduces, leading to issues like stress. 

However, if you use a vibrator, you’ll be able to reduce the production of the stress hormone since your body will be producing endorphins. Endorphin’s production is triggered even by the slightest movement that vibrators do to your body. 

When your whole body vibrates or works out, it generates more endorphins and serotonin, responsible for your moods. Your stress levels will also reduce, helping you lose or maintain the desired weight. 

How vibrators increase blood flow

When you’re overweight your blood vessels strain to pass blood to various body parts. That is because the blood arteries are clogged with fats preventing faster movement of blood. Blocked/clogged arteries will reduce the oxygen level in your body, leading to more complications. 

But if you’re of the right weight, this will not be a problem for you. Weight loss is possible through using a vibrator. That will improve blood flow to different body parts like the brain, arms, sexual organs, or legs. 

If you have enough blood flow to various body parts, complications like stroke or cerebral hemorrhage are minimal. Having functional body parts means you’re a healthy being. 

If you also get enough blood supply to your sex organs, you’ll be able to erect and maintain erection hence achieving orgasm. 

Remember, sex is a crucial part of any relationship, and lack of it can lead to breakups. So don’t let this happen to you while a vibrator can change your situation.

How vibrators can help you reduce post-workout pains

Most people abandon exercises for weight loss because of the excruciating pain after the workout. The pain becomes worse when you do intense activities for the first time. With painful muscles and joints, you can’t be brave enough to go for exercise, or at times you may fail to go about your daily activities. 

However, if you use vibrators for weight loss, it’ll force your muscles to relax and contract all over your body. The contractions and relaxations will make your muscles ache less after a workout. 

That will also increase blood flow to various body parts through the muscles. Remember, the vibrations will make your muscles send pain-numbing pulses faster to the body parts making them relax. 

Can Sex Toy Vibrators Help Your Loss Weight? 

If you use a vibrator, you’ll sleep better, have no stress, and reduce pain levels. Remember, if you’re overweight, you’ll have complications that can cause pain and stress. You may also make wrong decisions as your sleepy brain may fail to say no to bad things like junk foods.  

If you eat junk foods, your chances of losing weight are minimal. But with a vibrator, you’ll orgasm and have a better sleep leading to fewer effects. 

These sex toys will also help you beat stress as your body will produce oxytocin and serotonin, which are mood enhancers. It’s advisable to use vibrators that allow you to climax and orgasm, making you happy and with no stress to benefit from these hormones. 

Using vibrators can also help you reduce the pain you’ll experience after doing either squats or push-ups. 

When you experience less pain from exercising, you’ll get the courage to exercise regularly, helping you in your weight loss journey. Remember this is because, after orgasm, your body releases hormones that will dull the pain receptors, which could signal you when in pain. 

The vibrators can also help you boost your confidence, something you need during your weight loss journey as you’ll experience different body changes. You will also reduce the risks of being overweight, like blood pressure and heart problems.

But don’t forget using the vibrators will make you burn calories as you’ll use energy in the process. Doing this will help you burn down the fats in your body and lose weight. Also, your whole body will be involved while using these sex toys resulting in more strength and stamina for exercising.


How long should you use vibrators for weight loss?

It’s advisable to use this machine for around ten minutes daily. But to get better results, you can have two sessions per day for some period until you’ll see impressive results.

Are the vibrator machines for weight loss only?

You can also use the vibrators to manage pain, improve your stamina and balance and increase bone density, especially in adults.

How many calories can I lose in a session?

If you’re faithful to your weight loss journey, expect to lose around 190 calories in a session. However, you need also to include exercises like squats and push-ups to be successful.

Can anyone use the vibrators?

No. There are some conditions which can worsen if you use this machine. For this reason, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor before investing in these machines. Ask your doctor to conduct various tests to ensure you’re safe, that’s if you have no chronic/known disease. 

If you’re pregnant, have acute hernia, diabetic, epileptic, or suffering from tumors, don’t use vibrators. Also, if you have an electrolyte imbalance, hip or knee implant, and have IUDs avoid this machine.


If you’ve been struggling with overweight challenges because of unsuccessful weight loss techniques, don’t sit down and hope for a miracle. Instead, try out a different method like using vibrators and see great benefits that will help your body. 

You’re sure to get a full-body workout with these machines, which will also help you manage pain and other complications. 

Don’t only use the vibrator but also check your diet intake and do some exercises like squats. Don’t forget some people are not supposed to use vibrators like if you have epilepsy, avoid this machine.