3 Sex Toys for Men That AREN’T Fleshlights

3 Sex Toys for Men That AREN’T Fleshlights

Are you ready for change?

There’s no denying that fleshlights are useful in a variety of ways – from increasing your stamina to getting your dick “wet” when you can’t find a bitch to fuck (or a lady to love).

On the other hand, sometimes playing with a fleshlight can leave you feeling unsatisfied and/or a bit lonely. And that’s okay.

It’s not a secret: everyone enjoys interaction, especially in bed. Thus, I’ve compiled a short list of toys that might just help you find what’s missing.

#1 – Cock Rings

Cock rings go around the base of your penis and/or your testicles. It works by squeezing the blood vessels and applying pressure.

As you get aroused and blood starts pumping into your donger, the ring prevents it from escaping; resulting in bigger and better erections. Cock rings even have the potential to increase your stamina. If you’re two-pump-chump, this is definitely a product you need to check out.

Cock rings usually come in two forms: hard rings and elastic rings. The hard ones are a bit dangerous, but the elastic ones are very common and safe (if used properly). If you want to get your partner involved in some freaky fun, you can also purchase a vibrating cock ring. Vibrating cock rings work the same as regular rings, except with the added addition of sensational vibrations for both partners.

#2 – Butt Plugs

It’s almost 2019 people – men are allowed to play with their butts! And that’s good because the butt is where men get access to their P-spot. So, if you’re looking to spice things up even more, you’ll want to consider trying a butt plug.

Butt plugs vary in size and shape, so you might want to start with something easy – like a small, beginner butt plug or your partner’s finger. Once you’ve worked your way up, you’ll enjoy trying the bigger products like anal beads and vibrating butt plugs.

Additionally, as these toys go into a sensitive area, you’ll want to spend some time searching for a high quality product that lets you feel safe all the way.

#3 – Love Dolls

If you like to touch, feel, grab and pinch – but you’re lacking a willing partner – you need to try out a good ol’ Sex Doll.

You’re probably thinking about those wacky looking blow-up dolls you bought for your buddy back in college. No, I’m not talking about gag gifts. I’m talking about a super realistic, good looking doll that will fill the void in your pathetic, lonely little heart.

The catch: sex dolls have gotten pretty expensive. They range in price from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Dolls at a higher price range are the best you can get in terms of material and super realistic features – like a pretty face, big juicy titties, a supple ass and a nice, tight vagina.

Fortunately, if you’re low on cash, you don’t have to spend that much to enjoy a good doll. There are dozens of options that all feature fuckable mouths, asses and vaginas. Just remember – sex dolls aren’t like real cum dumpsters. You have to clean them out after.

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