22 Interesting Things That Will Keep Long Distance Couples Together

What Can Long Distance Couples Do Together

Life is getting busier by day, and it has become difficult for people to go out and meet other people. That’s why a lot of people are opting for online dating and become long distance couples. After searching for and searching, you finally meet someone, share a great connection and feel you can finally hold onto.

You are happy together, and you can both feel this is it. With all the excitement, certain circumstances cannot let you be together physically. It could be that you both live and work in different states or countries.

Seeing each other every weekend is complicated, and thus you both focus on keeping your long-distance relationship. But how do you keep your relationships interesting and connecting deeply? It’s hard to have a physical connection, but that does not limit you from having fun in a relationship.

Read on to discover some fun and exciting activities you can undertake with your particular person while still physically apart from that.

What Can Long Distance Couples Do Together? 

Living far away from your partner is hard. But it is something people choose to do while others may start as usual but go long when one partner has to move due to circumstances. While nothing can beat hugging and being with your partner, these activities will help you feel much closer.

1. Plan a Romantic Virtual Dinner as Long Distance Couples

Thanks to technology, you can go for dinner with your particular person while still thousands of miles away. A romantic dinner is not the usual video call you have every week while having yesterday’s leftovers.

Do like you always do while going for a physical, romantic dinner. Yes, dress up for your partner, get your hair, nails, and make-up done for women, and as a guy, dress up for your lady too. Prepare excellent food. You can opt to prepare the same type of food for the night. 

Light a candle and share your dinner. It will make you feel conn, more closer and fun to have dinner. Your partner will feel appreciated and loved to share a great meal and a memorable moment together like other long distance couples.

2. Go for a Virtual Tour Around your Town

Take your partner for a tour around your town. You could show them your favorite restaurant, coffee shops, and even the mall. Show them what historical areas of your town, gallery if they are into arts, museum and any other part you feel would be interesting.

It is an exciting way to keep up with things and familiarize yourself with your partner’s lives. The type of environment and also make plans to tour some areas when you visit. Alternatively, you could take pictures and share a little story about them.

3. Snail Mail Hand Written Letter

With the rise in messaging apps lately, writing letters has become a lost art. I mean, why struggle to write a note when you can get your message delivered in a minute, if not seconds. While they are convenient, it’s fun and can spike emotions when your girl/boyfriend receives a letter from you.

When writing a letter, you are putting your emotions into writing. It connects you and your partners deeply. They can be able to visualize you and have something physical from you. It will also remind your loved ones how much you love and miss them.

4. Have Deep Conversations

Communication is vital in a long-distance relationship. It’s common to feel like you aren’t enough. To tackle it, make the most of your time. Write down topics and questions that you remember during the day if you forget, and ask them later.

While you aren’t physically together, having meaningful communication will help you feel much closer. Focus on having a deep and meaningful conversation. It will straighten your emotional connection.

Ask about their day and tell them about your day as well. Share both positive and negative aspects of your day. Let them know what you had for lunch about your grumpy neighbor or how your cat made you smile today.

5. Send Care Gifts

Best way to surprise your particular person other than receiving a gift? No matter how small the present is, it’s prepared with love, and that’s all that matters. There is no limit to what you can send for your loved one.

You can choose to make it even more fun to have a day where you both set a day to open your gifts. You have a video call, open the gift care box, and have a little chat about what you like most about the present. Share ideas of what you would like to receive or send at one time.

6. Watch Movies Together

Do you enjoy watching movies? Probably you have some movies that you may want to watch together? Get a film you enjoy. It can be your favorite, or you agree on a specific film and watch it together.

Probably you are asking yourself how? Technology has made life more accessible, and you can watch through the internet as a video call. It gives you a chance to have more memories and a lot to talk about.

7. Set and Ask Thoughtful and Provoking Questions

Talking about your daily activities and what is going on in your lives is essential, but it can get boring fast-talking daily. If you seem like you are running out of things to talk about, think of thoughtful yet provocative questions and ask your partner. 

Make things exciting and light your daily conversation. You can talk to your special one to each come up with five questions. Get curious and try to ask about what you don’t know about your loved one.

Do you and your special one enjoy playing video games? Challenge each other in an online game. No need to be there physically to play with your partner. There are plenty of online games you can choose and play with your partner.

Why not try a game night where you could put a particular day, maybe and day of the weekend to be your play game day? It’s a fun way to bond with your sweetheart person.

9. Prepare a Meal Together

Try making a meal together with your partner. It can be a completely new meal using a recipe you could swap to prepare each other’s favorite meal. Why not try making your favorite meal today and your special one favorite next.

It would be fun to write down the ingredients and buy them. Guiding each other in preparing the dish is fun, especially if you both love cooking together. Probably you enjoy baking. Just like cooking, you were baking your favorite cake or trying new recipes.

The focus is mostly not on cooking or baking but the way you chat and interact. It’s even more fulfilling when you both have prepared each other’s favorite or have the same meal. You can do this through zoom or skype.

10. Read Together as Long Distance Couples

Reading a book together is a great idea. Choose a book you both can enjoy, or ask your loved one to help choose one. Work on reading a chapter or two to three pages every night for a few nights of the week.

You can discuss each chapter once you complete every chapter. It helps improve your communication and support when you have run out of things to talk about.

11. Make a Playlist Together

Music gives us feelings that are hard to express by words. That’s why when people are extremely happy or sad, they listen to music. Make a playlist with your special one that contains both of your favorite songs.

When you are not in contact and dearly miss them, you can listen to the playlist. You may tap in emotions. 

12. Do Video Calls

Video calls are fantastic as you get to see your loved ones, visit their cute faces, and see all their facial expressions. It needs planning because you may require some privacy and due to time differences and busy schedules. It’s easy to call using various apps like Facetime, Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp, which are all free.

13. Audio

Audio calls are a great idea to have in a relationship. It may feel like you are calling you love the common way normal relationships do. However, it will require some planning, especially if you and your special one are in different time zones.

Having audio calls with your love is unique and can be done anywhere. You don’t need much privacy as the video call. They are a flexible and fun way to talk while doing other things like walking or cooking.

14. Sexting

For starters sexing is the easiest way to maintain great intimacy while you are still apart. It’s not very direct and feels more comfortable, especially if it’s your first time. It’s easy as you will be comfortable and easy to turn on your darling.

15. Cam Sex

Cam sex is the same as video sex which you can try mutual masturbation while seen each other. With the use of Skype, Zoom, Google hangout, you can do it from anywhere you feel comfortable. If it’s your first video sex with your loved one, it may feel weird at first, but once the shyness is over, you will both feel comfortable. Vibrators are great toys to masturbate because they give multiple orgasms.

When you have a video sex date, it essential to dress in hot lingerie just like you would when your partner is there physically. Focus on the emotional connection that will help you achieve sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation will not only help you both achieve great sexual satisfaction but also helps you learn more about your partner’s sexuality. How they like to be handled, where, how they enjoy being touched, their weakest areas sexually, and the same goes for you.

Don’t forget to share what you love about your partner and the excitement of the future. Cam sex could start with a normal conversation as you dive deeper to have an emotional connection. 

16. Phone Sex

Phone sex is an old fashion of getting intimate with your particular person from a distance. It was the way back in the 90s and still works magic. Maybe you are sexting forth and back with your partner for a while.

Why not take the game a notch and give each other a call? It could start from a normal cell that ends up being phone sex. The voice of your loved one can be quite a turn on especially if you don’t get to hear it very often.

You will also learn to appreciate and value your partner’s words more than their physical aspects. It will make you get closer to each other more than you could imagine.

17. Try Toy Sex

Modern technology has made it easier for couples living in long distance relationships to keep in touch not only on the phone but also sexually.  There are plenty of sex toys in the market now than ever that enable interactive sex while living oceans apart.

These sex toys, like vibrators, are usually controlled through apps that can be downloaded o your smartphone or through remote. It doesn’t matter if you live continents apart. Once you sync your device with your partner, you can both enjoy an interactive sexual experience. You can take your fantasies a notch further by adding erotic stories of virtual reality with the toys. 

18. Make an erotic Album as Long Distance Couples

Do you and your particular person share intimate pictures? Make an album where you can store all the personal images you share. It could be on your phone or through an app. The photos can help you take care of yourself when you are in the urge, but they may be unavailable due to a busy schedule or different time zone. 

19. Make a sex Bucket List

Make a bucket list of what you want to do when you meet. What positions do you want to try? What are your fantasies, list them down, and what do you want to fulfill first? The kind of places do you want to have sex around the house? 

You can add so much to your sexual bucket list, planning to fulfill different fantasies every time you meet to make it more interesting.

20. Plan a Vacation Together as Long Distance Couples

It’s said that a couple who travels together stays together. Staying up at night planning for a vacation together is thrilling and fuels your long distance relationship. It’s fun to go for an escape vacation in another country where neither of you lives. Plan where you will stay, activities you will undertake where there, means of transport, and other activities. 

21. Learn a New Language Together as Long Distance Couples

It’s fun to learn something new and more fun when you know it with your significant other. If you and your loved one are interested in learning a different language, you can do so together. Free apps like Duolingo are great for learning new languages. You can add each other as friends and try new challenges.

22. Talk About the Goals and Future

It’s good to talk about your goals as a couple. It’s good to know what your goals are as individuals and as a couple. When in a long-distance relationship, to see that you are both on the same page instead of assuming.

When talking about your future dreams, it’s essential to know that the objectives will evolve and keep changing. You don’t need to know or plan every detail about your goals. They will unfold as you progress in your relationship.


There are plenty of things to do to spice up your long distance relationship that will keep your relationship strong. You don’t need to feel lonely, or like you are missing out, unlike the typical relationship. You can have fun playing games, go on a date, walk at the park and even get sexual satisfaction while still miles away from each other.


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