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Shop a great selection of adult toys and vibrators, dildos, anal toys, masturbators & dolls for men's and women's with your online sex shop! - Purchase adult products at low prices 24/7..


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Who Are We

Welcome to AdultShopSexToys.com. We are a safe and confidential site where you have the opportunity to view and purchase adult products online 24/7. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, the speed and efficiency at which they are delivered, and most of all, we gauge our success by how satisfied our customers are with their shopping experience.

What We do

We stock the best adult products at affordable prices. As well as stocking all the fun and naughty things that we love, we also carry a large range of medical devices. This is also a place where you can come to learn how products work and get some information about some medical conditions that are relevant to our products. We focus on what’s important to you when buying adult products online:

  • Privacy! We will never release your personal details to anyone. Credit Card and personal details are not kept in our database.
  • Discreet shipping that will never give away the contents of the parcel.
  • All products on our site are hand picked and sourced from suppliers all over the world

Why We Do It

After 10 years working in the adult retail industry we got to know what products are the best and how they work. Not everyone feels comfortable walking into an adult store to look at, ask questions about or purchase adult products. Intimacy is a very important part of any successful relationship. People thrive on body contact, a cheeky smile or the soft touch of a lover. Without it, we soon risk heart problems, depression and a whole mess of unpleasant health and social problems that are so easily avoided by the simple brush of fingertips over skin. We strive to cut through the attitude where sex is a dirty word. Sex is meant to be fun. Our adult lives would be boring without the happiness a bit of spice between the sheets can bring. Here at AdultShopSexToys, we strive to keep together couples whose love life is squashed by outdated ideas of what sex is meant to be. We want people to be enjoying themselves with their lovers even after times of dysfunction after medical or psychological issues.

How To Connect With Us

Drop us a line via the contact page or place an order with us. If you’re active on the following social networks please just click the icons below to connect with us that way too.


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